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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Swami's Grace is everywhere
Seminar in Estonia

Light and Love 
     "Let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all." (Arthur C. Clarke). But at first there is a need an experience to practice the Divine love that connects all human activity in this dual reality mayaa.
      Swami tells: "Everyone should regard himself as a Messenger of God and try to lead an ideal life. Love is the means of developing devotion and achieving liberation, apart from other things. Only the love of God is real love. It is the royal road for man to realise the divinity in him and in everyone." (Excerpts from: Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. SSS, Vol. 21, Chapter 34).
     Seminar in Estonia "Spirituality, Science, Environment in the Light of Sai Baba's Teaching" what was guided by Swami's Grace is over. The teachers and Sai followers had a rare for Northern country opportunity to listen three discourses of Capt. Jatindar Shad on high professional level about bases of Karma, essence of Meditation and about his personal experience of Swami. 

     From the termination of a seminar has passed two and half days and still I continue to receive phone calls and mails by gratitude to our guests, to brother Jatindar who shared with us Swami's Teaching -  the philosophy and practice of knowledge towards the Light and the Truth-  and Mrs. Pam Shad. Translated Swami's books are on a certain level for study. However, the direct dialogue with close to Swami Devotees and their discourses (brother Jatindar Shad) and discussions (Mrs. Pam Shad) are a higher level to obtain the inner belief to Swami and to one's Self. It is a level from hearts to hearts of participants of seminar. Conversation (contemplation) from hearts to hearts is a great mystery of Divine vibrations in human beings and cannot express by words.

     There was an interesting coincidence. This summer in Estonia is extremely cold and rainy. On the day of arrival guests from India weather improved. Such heat came to us in this summer at the first. Warm and sunny weather lasted during all days of the seminar but not more. When the guests departed, weather has changed back as usual - cool and windy. Is it Omnipresent Swami's gift to participants of a seminar and mainly to guests from India that they have not caught a cold? 
     Evening discussions and bhajans singing did not require translation. The feeling of oneness seems inspired all as guests and  teachers without words.
     "No one can describe the nature of Divine love. It is beyond the reach of poets. The one who is immersed in the waters of Divine love will be unable to speak to anyone.
     Those who speak about God in the world do so only from superficial experience, but those who are wholly saturated with God's love will find no words to describe their bliss." (Excerpts from: Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. SSS, Vol. 28, Chapter 1).
     The important theme of discussion and reports was the relation of Swami's Teaching to different areas of modern progressive science. This coherence is universal. New directions of physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, medicine, etc. mostly reach nearer to that trueness what is illuminating in Swami's different Works through His Divine energy (vibrations) and explained with words by understandable way to everyone. His Teaching is a part of His Omnipresent Nature. It seems that here this nature appears as His universal directions to humanity. Swami's Cosmic Form represents not only the material world, but the Wholeness, included the spiritual world.

     In this light, any branch of science is as a display of uniform Atmа, which manifests through certain actions of the dual illusory world. To acknowledge it leads to the real Self and to the correlation of human's actions as reflection appearances of Atma on a higher level of consciousness. In this light all, the different areas of science are in essence of the same expression of Atma ? a mental reflection of human brain. By Atmic consciousness no science exists, all is one and same Atma. In this world of existence of mayaa by Swami:
     "Science is concerned with all the phenomena in nature. It furnishes what is required for the physical body. It is doubtless essential to take care of the body. But the body should not be deemed as the sole truth. However, one should devote all efforts to its maintenance and comfort. All achievements are dependent on the body. Even the Divine can be realized through the body. But the body is not yourself. It is only an instrument for realizing God. Moreover, the Supreme Atmic Principle (Paramatma) is immanent in it." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Guru Poornima Discourse: "Quest for Truth" 9 July 1998, Prasanthi Nilayam).
    It is essential to underline to some leading classes of employers and media activists the destructive results of consumer society actions what are far from spirituality. It is a social need in spiritual culture, Swami's Teaching, it is a need to undertake measures for its introduction and application in various leading and political layers of a society.
   Without it humanity as stands on the verge of a precipice and cannot prevent the global crisis near what the planet today is. To acknowledge the downfall and to introduce Swami's Teaching Omnipotence was one of the essential aims of teachers and specialists seminar.

          A human being can approach nearer to Atmic consciousness (what pictorially at first appears as Peace in mind) in the state of deep meditation by Swami.  
     Excerpt today?s TFTD as written at PN on 10 Aug 2004 declares:  "If you have Shanti (peace) within, the world will appear like a quiet, peaceful place. If you have Ashanti (agitation) within, the world will be full of Ashanti. Shanti is to be won by Sadhana (spiritual practice), not by study of books...." 
    At the seminar in the beginning of reports, we learned to practice initial stages of concentration. It seems, for many participants this is the most hard to obtain the skill for this experience.
    It takes for western many time to acknowledge and practice that Divine silence is the state when all around fuses into one bliss, (divine sound, light ... no words for it). 
     I do not exactly know what the seminar has given separately to anyone but to all had been given an opportunity to contemplate about inner conversation towards to real Self what is inactive silent witness of eternity. Swami?s Omnipresent form and brother Jatindar?s discourses were guides to create the inner state for this. This opportunity has beautified by inner, wordless smile - full of love and faith to Swami and to all who/what is around - of Mrs. Pam Shad. Vibrations of her smile as were transferred to the meeting halls and to meeting places on fresh air. This was possible to feel by some unknown to consciousness way. I have noticed that the participants tried to come nearer to Mrs. Pam, to touch her and to talk with her in language the general for all carriers divine sparks of Swami's Omnipresent Cosmic Form.
     Namaste - Reet

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