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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Sai Seminar and Visit to Estonia, August 2004

Sai Ram to all.
I am writing this from Atlanta USA.
We (self and wife) were in Estonia to take part in a Seminar being arranged by Sister Reet Priiman.
We were received very warmly by Reet and made comfortable in her appartment in Tallinn. We were pleasently amazed to see vibuthi emanating from many Baba pictures in Reets home. There were the Sai Gold and Sai Silver pictures and Sailograms and all were covered with a shower of vibuthi. While we were amazed - more amazing was Reets' considering vibuthi to be dust. It took some effort to explain this phenomena to Reet - who all this time in her innocence, considered vibuthi to be dust.
I have some pictures of the vibuthi manifestation - which I am afraid I will share with all when I am back in India in Mid Sept.
Let me also add that we wiped all pictures clean. but the next morning all were covered with vibuthi. On the day we were to leave for Elva for the seminar there, we gifted a picture to Reet. This picture was left on the dining table. On our return from Elva this small picture had been loaded with vibuthi.
At Elva also the vibuthi manifestation continued unabated and we saw a pile of pictures on the table one moment and the next moment there was thick splash of vibuthi. Even small stickers were covered with the sacred vibuthi.
In Reet we found a very simple, humble and pure devotee of Baba - who has immersed herself in His Cosmic Consciousness. She is not all that young, but she is bouncing with energy. She is ever happy and smiling - a sign of elevated devotees.
I was prepared to give two presentations - the first one was on my experience in painting the Prasanthi Mandir in 1985 and the second one was on Karma - As Ellaborated By Baba. However, on request from devotees a brief talk on meditation was also given.
I will be sending the two presentations when I am back in Delhi as attachments.
We had the opportunity in Estonia to meet with Raul who has had two surgeries - Reet has explained about him in her mails to the forum. Well we saw Raul and the manifested vibuthi was placed under his pillow with his mothers consent as the boys father does not believe in God. The effect was miraclous. When we were there Rauls mother tried her best but Raul could not get up from the bed - I am informed now that with assistance Raul is going down the stairs and also sits in the garden with his mother. Incidentally Rauls Godfather - who accompanied us when we visited him - gave him a picture of Baba which was placed on the table in Rauls room. I am imformed that the Father wanted to remove the picture, but Rauls created such a ruckus for "His Uncle of Nature" that the father left the picture on the table.
Now, I am in Atlanta and I will be in New York from 28 Aug to 07 Sept, 2004.
Sai Ram - Be Happy

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/3557

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