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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


My Trip to Puttaparthy, 21-29 July, 2004

To My Dear Sai Brothers & Sisters,

Om Sai Ram to all of you,

I was in Puttaparthy from 21-29 July, 2004, and spent 8 blissful days in the Divine Presence of our most Beloved Bhagawan. As usual it was most overwhelming for me to be almost face to face with the Lord. There was a big group from the United Kingdom in Puttaparthy, and they stayed till 5th July.

On 22nd July Bhagawan materialized a chain for a devotee and even put it around his neck. How wonderful it was for us to witness this!! The group from the UK was performing musical programmes/bhajans every evening, and on 24th July on the eve of their departure Swami gave each of the ladies a sari, and each of the gentlemen a dhoti/kurta. He materialised a chain for a boy from this group who spoke about his experiences with Swami. He also materialized a chain for a lady along with Vibhuti, after she related how Swami cured her of Cancer, and her other experiences with Swami. On 24th July Swami materialized a Ring for this same lady. It was so so wonderful to see Swami performing these beautiful Leelas.

On 25th July, in the morning the whole group was granted an Interview in the Mandir, where some more Leelas were performed, as we all heard them clap several times. I was happy to see Swami ranting Interviews almost every day. HE still cannot walk without help, and that pains us all so much, to see him in discomfort. After the group left, Swami's students performed a play one evening, and on other evenings related moving experiences with Swami. One student was cured of blindness TWICE, when his eyes got burnt with acid while he was performing experiments in the laboratory. The second time there were no eyes left at all, when he visited the Doctor. However when he went for Darshan Swami gave him Vibhuti and asked him to remove the bandage the next morning. Of course the Doctor could not believe what she saw when she removed his bandages, as his eyes had reappeared and he could see clearly!!!

On 26th July, I was sitting in the second row, and when Swami passed me, and looked at me, I smiled at HIM, and HE SMILED back. That indeed made me immensely happy. It is just so elevating to be in HIS DIVINE PRESENCE.

I left Puttaparthy with a heavy heart on 29th July.

With Sai Love and Best Wishes

Sai Sister Denaz Roy


Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saidevotees_worldnet/message/1043

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