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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Celebrations on the eve of Krishnashtami
5th September, 2004

Brindavan  boys  of  the I UG class have come here as part of their monthly visits. They were ready with a programme. In the morning, Swami came to the dais  and stood for a very long time giving wonderful Darshan to all of us. He  was  Blissful  and  looked very charming and young!! He kept looking at everybody  suffusing  us  with His infinite Love and compassion!!
Later, He sat  on  the sofa for the whole morning session. Vedam chanting went on all the while. Bhagawan retired by 9.00 a.m.

In the evening, Swami asked Sri Sanjay Sahni (Principal – Brindavan Campus) about  the  programme.  The  moment Swami gave a green signal; the boys got into action and started setting up the sets for the programme. In around 10 minutes  time,  all sets were in position. This was truly a time management exercise!  All the while Swami sat watching from the golf cart. Then He got down and sat on the sofa.

The  play  staged  by  the  Brindavan  students  was  titled,  “Sri Krishna Kuchela”.  The intimate relationship between Lord Krishna and His friend of the  younger days, Kuchela, was portrayed with great finesse. The dialogues and  conversations  were extensively sourced from Bhagawan’s literature and it was presented in Telugu, without losing the originality.

Interspersed  with songs, short talks by students in English and Hindi, the programme  left  us  all  lost  in the joy and glory of Sri Krishna and His charm!!  Bhagawan  stood up and gave all the students group photographs. He retired to the PC Hall by 5.00 p.m.

Received from a Devotee


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