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Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi from Madurai to Mauritius

Om Sri Sai Ram

Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi from

Sri Sathya Sai Anandha Nilayam Madurai to Mauritius

Along the Earth, and then over the water, Sai Jyothi, the fire principle, is presently moving on, towards the tiny island country, Mauritius. The Jyothi Yaatra, the movement of Sai Jyothi, originated from Sri Sathya Sai Ananda Nilayam the second Abode of Divine Bhagawan next to Prashanthi Nilayam at Madurai, where Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had lit the eternal Lamps, during the Divine visit, in May 2003. Two tall Brass lamps are still emanating the Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi in the altar of Sri Sathya Sai Aanantha Nilayam, which is attracting many Sai devotees from many parts of India and abroad.   

A group of Sai devotees, from Mauritius had visited Sri Sathya Sai Ananda Nilayam recently, and they wished that the Divine Jyothi should reach various homes in their country.  These devotees numbering about 1200 members had formed into an association and all these 1200 devotees wished to have Jyothi brought to their homes, and keep it burning all around the year, and further eternally. 

Sri PSAS. Srinivasan Chettiar, President of Sri Sai Padhuga Trust, Madurai, submitted their prayers to Bhagawan Baba, who graciously permitted and blessed the mission of taking Divine flames to Mauritius,. Various options were worked out.

It was a near impossible task to take the Jyothi across the sea, and even difficult to reach the Jyothi to the Port over the land. Apparently, Swami was very much impressed by the sincere devotion of those devotees from Mauritius and Swami had willed that the Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi should the reach their homes. But for the Grace of Swami, this transfer of Jyothi to Mauritius was almost impossible.  Swami’s blessings had made it possible for the Jyothi board a vessel sailing towards Mauritius.  As this report is being typed, happy news is coming over the phone that the Jyothi had just arrived the port of Mauritius on the 29th Feb. 2004, bringing joy to thousands of devotees over there.

A coastal guard ship belonging to Mauritius Government was in the Naval Dockyard, Bombay undergoing repairs and service. A couple of Sai devotees, who are part of the 1200 group, were working in that ship. They agreed to take the Jyothi with them, provided they are delivered at Bombay.  Now it was a question of transporting the Jyothi, the lamps which are to be lit at Madurai from those two eternal burning lamps. Airplanes and Trains do not permit carrying inflammable materials; leave alone the live flames through their carriages. The only option available was that the Jyothi has to travel by road, all the way from Madurai, a city deep down in the south India, to the city of Bombay by road, a distance of over 1800 kilometers, where the vessel had been berthed..   All arrangements were made, and the task was entrusted to two devotees, Sri. Bombay Srinivasan and Sri Veera Raghavan, who are honorable members of Sri Sai Padhuga Trust with deep devotion to Bhagawan

Elaborate Pooja was offered to the Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi at Sri Sathya Sai Ananda Nilayam, Madurai. Many Mahila devotees took part in the Pooja, when the Jyothi was lit from the main lamps to the smaller ones, which were to embark on the journey. It was the holiest of the Holy day, the day of Maha Shivarathri.  As the devotees all over the world, were engaged in nightlong Bhajans, the Jyothi was majestically moving on by land, to wards its destination.   There was no stoppage and the journey continued through out that holy light.

The land route journey was a memorable experience. The two tiny brass lamps could not hold much oil. Every two hour, the oil has to be replenished and the wick has to be trimmed. This exercise was a continuous Sadhana. Constant vigil has to be maintained over the Jyothi so that it was not burnt off due to any unexpected developments on the way.    So there was no possibility of any sleep for those volunteers during the 40-hour non-stop drive from Madurai to Bombay. Since the lamps are to be boarded on ship, which was scheduled to sail away within the next 48 hours, there was no question of breaking the journey on the way to take rest and refreshments. By kind grace of Swami, the Jyothi reached the city of Bombay on 20th February, and awaited instruction from the volunteers in the ship. By evening, the Jyothi started its journey again to the Naval dockyard, but could not enter inside. The Jyothi returned back.

However, Bhagawan’s Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi gave joy for many, before it found its way on board the ship.

After a five-hour drive from Madurai, the Jyothi reached a city, Salem in Tamilnadu, where devotees were engaged in Shivarathri Bhajans. The time was 10.00 P.M. The Jyothi was received reverentially and kept in the altar where the Bhajans were going on. After an hour’s rest, the journey continued.   

The devotees living in Borivali, a distant suburb, in the northwestern   Bombay yearned that a chance be given to them to receive the Divine Jyothi in their area. The Jyothi could reach Borivali by about 11.00 Pm late in the next night. The devotees were waiting for over two hours singing Bhajans and chanting Vedas. They received the Jyothi at the gate and moved further into the home of devotee, where over 140 devotees had gathered.   Devotional songs and Veda chanting continued for some more time and in the end Arathi was taken. Almost all devotees lit the Jyothi in small brass lamps brought by them, and carried the Jyothi to their homes.  They are praying that this Jyothi should burn in their homes continuously, eternally. A week had passed now and many of them are phoning up to convey that they are enthusiastically keeping the Jyothi burning in their homes, and that many more devotees had lit the Jyothi in their own lamps from these blessed homes. (Jyothise Jyothi Jalavo….) The Jyothi returned to the base by 2.30 AM.

In the meanwhile, an unexpected development took place. While returning, from the gates or Naval dockyard, the driver, who is new to Bombay road, missed their way, and had taken a wrong road, which took the Jyothi along the streets in Malabar Hills. Before it was realized, the vehicle was standing just in front of the Official residence of the Maharashtra Chief Minister.

The next day, there were more demands to get chances to receive Jyothi from other suburban areas, such as Chembur and Matunga. The prayers of these devotees were also fulfilled, and as on now over 500 homes across Bombay are having the eternal Jyothi lit from the Jyothi brought from Sri Sathya Sai Ananda Nilayam, Madurai.

On the 21st day of February, the Jyothi could ultimately gain entry into the Naval Dockyards without much fuss. As the vehicle carrying the Jyothi was entering the Dockyard gates, the volunteers who had taken the pain to bring the Jyothi on the land route, were mentally offering their gratitude to Bhagawan for making this possible. Within ten minutes call came from inside the ship that the Jyothi had already on board the ship. The volunteers in the ships who took over the responsibility of taking care of the Jyothi assured that they will take turns and to keep the Jyothi burning all the days when they are expected in the high sea.

A devotee of Borivali, in whose home, the Jyothi was received wished that the Jyothi kept in his home, be taken to Poona where his sister lived. A trip to Poona was planned. A huge crowd of devotees received the Jyothi and the volunteers, enthusiastically and with great devotion. The ladies washed the feet of the volunteer devotees, and wiped off with end of the Sari, which they were wearing. After applying Kumkum an haldi on their fore heads, they waived lamps in front of them. On the way to wards the home, flowers petals were strewn on the path.  After more Bhajans, Arathi was offered.  Few more lamps were lit in Pune, the Jyothi from Borivali continued its journey back.

A large temple complex had been built by a Sai devotee, near Lonavala, a hill station, between Bombay and Pune. The complex is waiting for the Divine Visit of Bhagawan Baba. Sri Srinivasan Chettiar wished that a Jyothi be installed in that temple, which can be maintained to burn eternally. On way back to Madurai, a lamp lit from the Jyothi was carried and installed in this new temple. Even before Swami’s physical presence is felt in that temple, the eternal Jyothi had already been installed there.

 “Thamasomaa Jyothir Gamaya…”  The Divine Jyothi removes darkness of Ignorance in the minds of people.  A nice from Bhagavatha, as narrated by Bhagavan Baba comes to our mind. Lord Sri Krishna was growing up in the palace of Sri Nanda and Yashoda. In those villager, the Gopies used to light lamps from the lamp kept in the home of Lord Krishna every day by sunset and carry them towards their own homes.  Akin to that event, we could witness hundreds of devotees, lit the lamps from the main Jyothi lit from Sri Sathya Ananda Nilayam, and carry them to be kept in their homes. Swami’s Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi will remove darkness of ignorance in the minds of these devotees, and bring Joy, Peace and prosperity wherever the Divine Jyothies are kept burning eternally.   More homes are bound to receive the Jyothi lit from one to another and so on. “Jyothise Jyothi jaalavo…”…

Very soon thousands of devotees in Mauritius will have Sai Jyothi in their Homes. The main Jyothi lit from Sri Sathya Sai Ananda Nilayam; Madurai had already reached the shores of Mauritius!!!

What was astonishing was that the Jyothi could travel from Madurai by road, covering Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra states. Ultimately the Jyothi cris-crossing the city of Bombay for more than two days!  It is firmly believed that Jyothi had also taken up the purification job in these states, especially, the city of Bombay, the capital city of Maharashtra

The Sri Sathya Sai Divine Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi reached the shores the city of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius on Sunday the 29th of Feb 04 in the early morning hours. The Divine Diviya Akanda Jyothi was devotionally and warmly welcomed by Mr. Sanjiva N. Appadoo the President of Mauritius Sri Sathya Sai Padhuga Samithi and a huge number of Sai devotees who reached the Port in 15 Motor vehicles. A Nagara Sankeerthan was performed in the city of Port Louis. After this Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Aanantha Jyothi was taken reverentially to the residences of Mr. Sanjiva N. Appadoo located in the St PIERRE. A big concourse of Sai devotees assembled in the house of Mr. Sanjiva N. Appadoo to seek the Dharshan of Diviya Jyothi. Another Naga Sankeerthan was performed by the devotees at St PIERRE city. The Divine Jyothi was carried from Port Louis to St PIERRE under a traditional umbrella. Mr. Sanjiva N. Appadoo and other devotees performed Aarathi and Pooja to Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi will all rituals. All the Sai devotees of Mauritius consider this 29th day of Feb 04 as a Historic day, which will be never forgotten.

May the Sri Sathya Sai Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi spread the divinity the glory and the compassionate Love of Bhagawan to the entire city of Mauritius dispelling the darkness of ignorance.

It is certain that the Sri Sathya Sai Divine Diviya Akanda Anantha Jyothi while traveling in the ship might have driven away the impurities both in the Air and in the Sea stretching from Mumbai to Mauritius through the Divine vibrations emitted from the Diviya Jyothi.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saidevotees_worldnet2/message/111
March 7, 2004


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