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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Reports on Doctors Visit to Parthi. Prasanthi – Prema Provided Profusely

Om Sri Sai Ram

I saw it with my very own eyes: the transition from doubt to certainty; from disbelief to belief; from “is it?” to “it is”…….the journey- from I to We; from darkness to light…. 

Swami told us that “Love” is His property; and right from the word GO, He made sure to give us liberal helpings of this oh-so-sumptuous food for the soul. I remember clearly, the day we were to leave Mumbai: the rains came lashing down. The traffic jams, the dripping clothes, the racing winds, the inverted umbrellas, the worrying minds….when will we ever reach the station?was the question in every mind. But as His will would have it, we were not only all safely inside the train, but we also managed to secure the extra tickets for the doctors who had suddenly decided to chip-in at the last minute. (That too at a negligible fine, due to the cooperation of who else but the Ticket Checker himself!!) 

The journey itself was a breeze, and the bhajans sung, the experiences shared: only geared us up for the big thing that was in store for us. And in Swami’s unique style, the reflection, resound and reaction occurred in succession: first Smiles materialized, then Laughter vibrated, and finally, Joy radiated. We reached Dharmavaram station to the loving welcome from the heavens themselves- in the form of a delicate drizzle. 

The room-keys were allotted immediately on our arrival to the station, and without any delay, we were consigned to the buses that would carry us through the last few kilometers that separated us from our destination: Prasanthi Nilayam- the abode of supreme peace. Come Parthi, and we were struck by the peace of humanity amidst the ceaseless chirpings of nature. The Maharashtra state president of the organization, Mr. Nimish Pandya was waiting to welcome us. Shortly, we were given- instructions regarding the rules of the ashram, the time- table of the programme scheduled for us, and the expected time for reporting on the coming morning. And, needless to say, everyone was there on the dot. Thus began the sweet joy of watchful expectation: of experiencing Swami in His radiant form. 

And the sight of Swami moved us all entirely. His infectious, loving smile permeated our souls. His gentle, innocent enquiries about us, filled us with a feeling of overwhelming gratitude- miniscule as we found ourselves in His Divine Presence. He, in His abundant, infinite Grace, urged us to visit the hospital and promised to meet us in person, later. 

The hospital was a marvel: technologically, structurally, medically and ideologically. Most patients were bound to feel better by merely being there, in those heavenly surroundings. As doctors, we were at once attracted to the concept of working in such surroundings, with qualitatively the best instruments- being put to their optimum, rightful use. Many doctors expressed their wish to be able to offer their services there. 

And after being pampered with a delicious lunch, we headed back to the Mandir, awaiting His Darshan-once again. Here, it is worth stressing that the ladies of the group were strategically seated in the Darshan area and the gentlemen too were seated in the most coveted and enviable position: the verandah itself! We were blessed indeed! It was only after a seemingly long, disappointing and expectant wait for the much- desired interview, that we got an inner- view which said that God alone knows What we deserve; and When! 

That night, everyone prayed for His Grace. The night reverberated with the miraculous incidents, which we had heard that evening from Mr. Pandya. And, miraculously, the next day, our prayers were answered. Swami granted us the much- awaited interview. Love overflowed from His every word. He guided us on our spiritual queries, He blessed us with Prasadam, He presented some doctors with ornamental gifts, He stressed the futility of excessive desires, He demonstrated how we must conduct ourselves with our patients, how desires were to be controlled, how we needed to win over our patients’ confidence……. all in all, a completely power-packed hour and a quarter. We felt thoroughly enriched and refreshed. The biggest gift that we took back with ourselves, was our ‘self’

Next, was our visit to one of the most modern and magnificent museums that we may have ever seen: The Chaitanya Jyoti. Some breath- taking shows, models and videos later, we were back in His Divine Presence; and so merciful is our Sai, that He ordered that the gates of the other museum to be specially opened for us, as we had not been able to see it earlier. That evening, the organizers had arranged for a special guest lecture by Prof. Anil Kumar. Needless to say, it was an enthralling experience in itself. 

The next morning, after the morning Darshan, and with Swami’s blessings, we proceeded to Whitefield, Bangalore. The Super- Speciality Hospital. The grandeur, the magnificence, the beauty, the architecture, the organization, the facilities, the cleanliness- these gave us the impression of being in a palace, nay, in heaven! A feat, that is humanly impossible, where only Divinity reflected in its every aspect. 

Traveling back to Mumbai, we were in a trance. We still are. The experience that this was, it has been permanently etched in our memory. We are the blessed ones. 

Oh Lord, bless us that we may be able to work, as You would like us to. Forever in Your service. 

Jai Sai Ram.

Lovingly Shared by Mahesh Goklani.

Posted on Monday, 2nd December, 2002, Time: 13:14:52 +0530


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