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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


First anniversary of Chaitanya Jyoti celebrated in Parti

Dear All,


I d like to write a few points on the weekend i spent in Parti - which is 17- 18 Nov.

18 nov saw the First anniversary of the Chaitanya Jyoti museum being celebrated.

There were 3 emminent speakers for the function. All the 3 were related to the Musuem itself. The first person was the chief engineer of the musuem and now, chief manager - Mr. Bose. The second speaker was a scinetist from Bhabha atomic center and NASA, who was entitled to the work of the displays at the musuem. Both related events with respect to the musuem. A feat like we all know, can only be accomplished by Sai. The project was completed in one year - including the design and construction.

Mr, Bose also commented that one one occassion he was telling the guys at L&T constructions that only L&T can finish such a project in a year - when the guys said "NO!! only L&T in Puttaparti can accomplish such a task!!!" ...:)

the actual construction started in early March and was completed in Nov...inaugurated by Sai on 18 nov 2000. The chinese roof of the musuem is the biggest one outside mainland China.

The last speaker was the Malaysaian architect, Mr. Go - who spoke very humbly about the oppurtunity he was graced with by Sai. Mr. Go was later also felicitated by Bhagawan with a silver Buddha statue and 2 bracelets ... :)

Sai then gave His most astounding discourse. In the beginning, Sai began to cough, but later resumed as if He hadnot even had an irritation in His throat!!

He said that on the 22 nd Nov on the convocation day - the Noble Peace prize people will be coming to Parti !! (i heard when i went this weekend that the Nobel Peace prize poeple had come to offer Him the Nobel Peace Prize, but that Sai refused and said that instead give it to the Organization !!:) )..He also said that in a month's time everyone- the whole WORLD!- will be watching Puttaparti !! just wait and watch ....

He also said that is u want to see God ... (He lifted His hands and) said ...He is here !!! ...

In the end, he said if u noticed i began to cough in the beginning...but u see, all ur forms were imprinted in my heart ...and i lost all body consiousness and continued w/o any problem...therefore, he said give up all attachemtn to the body and u can do anything!!

Sai also asked that His birthday not be celebrated - coz he said that that day is his birhtday - when u are all filled with Divnie bliss ...:)

It was beatufil///

This was followed by a Veena instrumental program by Mr. Krishnamurty (now prinicipal of the Music College !) and his wife...They were blessed profusely by the most generous and compassionate Sai....

-More news to follow after this weekend ....when the Lord blesses us to be near him during His birthday!!:)

Love and SaiRam,


Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ausaibaba/message/54

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