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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Second World Youth Conference, 1999

The second World Youth Conference (WYC) was held on November 18th, 20th and 21st of 1999, just two years after the first World Youth Conference. A total number of 804 overseas delegates from 63 nations and 7000 delegates from India converged in Prashanti Nilayam to attend the 2nd World Youth Conference.

Purpose of 2nd WYC

The objectives of this conference were to first and foremost, review the implementation of the 44 action plans formulated at the 1st WYC and to share experiences and ideas of youth activities from the different nations. Furthermore, it was conducted to provide leadership skills, inspiration and motivation on the diverse types of activities that could be undertaken by Sai Youth.  These Sai youth are expected to work within the Sai Organization in the new Millennium so as to help fulfill the Divine Mission of Dharmasamsthapana (Reestablishment of Dharma). activities that were implemented, the problems they faced and the outcome of such activities. One vibrant youth speaker was chosen from each zone to report these activities in the Pre-Conference plenary session the following morning.

Divine Inaugural  Discourse - November 18th (afternoon)

Swami enlightened us with his divine discourse. He emphasized the need for self-transformation and without which there is no use for seva. He pleaded with us to "Serve with Love" and said, "Your life will be redeemed only when you involve yourself serving the society". He added that True love (God's love) is “Heart to Heart, not Body to Body”. Furthermore, he pointed out that he practices whatever he preaches and exhorts us to do the same. He also referred to one of the speakers who quoted Swami's sayings that his life is his message and that our life is also his message. To this he gave more clarification by saying, "You should understand the meaning of these statements clearly.  Proclaiming that your life is Swami’s message on the one hand and at the same time indulging in wicked activities and unrighteous deeds is treacherous. That constitutes ‘your’ message, not My Message. You can declare that your life is Swami’s message only when you take to the path of truth and righteousness, install peace and love in your heart and uphold non-violence."  He blessed everyone present and concluded his divine discourse.

Published by Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
There were two zonal workshops and two plenary sessions held during the conference, covering the following topics: 'Leadership and You', 'Impact of Globalization' and 'How to ensure Peace and Harmony for Mankind?'

Conference Plenary Session - November 18th (evening)

The theme of this session was 'Leadership and You'.  The objective of the session was to provide youth with a glimpse of what leadership in a spiritual organization is all about and how this may differ from other organizations  (i.e. work, non governmental organizations) and also how youth can motivate others.  Jegatheesan Uncle also enlightened us by presenting 'What Sai Expects of Youth'.

Plenary Session – 20th November  (morning) 

V. Srinivasan addressed the first part of this session on 'Youth and the Divine Mission'. He revealed the objectives of the Sai Mission is human transformation, to re-establish Dharma, to make man realize his innate Divinity and enable him to achieve his rightful heritage. Dr. Art Ong Jumsai (Central Coordinator of the Sri Sathya Sai Organization) addressed the second part of this session on the 'Challenges to Humanity in the 21ST Century'.  He declared that the real challenge of the 21st century is Swami’s challenge to us, which is to realise the divinity inherent in all of us. To do this, we need to learn to live together in peace.  He also educated us about the true meaning of swami's saying  'EHV is 3HV', which refers to the head, heart and hands.  Furthermore, he emphasized the 'Power of Prayers' with real life experiences.

Conference Zonal Workshop -  November 20th (afternoon)

The Objectives of this session was to bring into sharp focus what Globalization means, the realities of impact of the Globalization and its relationship to modernization.  We also looked at how Globalization is affecting the values and lifestyles of human life. That evening, a WYC cultural programme also was staged in conjunction with the World EHV day.

Valedictory Session - November 21st (afternoon)

After listening to the pledges from delegates, Bhagavan gave us all a wonderfully unexpected treat of speaking to us for almost two hours and singing three bhajans with us.  He made all the delegates feel loved, blessed and very special.  He talked to us as if we were his friends and invoked in us tremendous love for God.  He said "Let your behaviour be exemplary wherever you are...Only those who are immersed in the Divine are dear to Me and are My dear friends. If you want to be dear friends of Swami, conduct yourself in the Divine manner. In such a case, you do not need to come here, I will come to you wherever you are". He blessed all the youths and brought his discourse to an end.

- Sai Youth

From: http://www.saicentre.net/sai6.htm


18, 20 & 21 November 1999, Prasanthi Nilayam, India

Objectives of 2nd WYC

To review the implementation of the action plans formulated at the 1st WYC and to share experience and ideas on youth activities from different nations.

To provide leadership skills and inspiration and motivation on the diverse types of activities that can be undertaken by Sai youth (working within the Sai Organization) in the new Millennium so as to help fulfil the Divine Mission of Dharmasamsthapana (Re-Establishment of Dharma).

Expectation of 2nd WYC

It is the intention that youth co-ordinators who participated in this 2nd WYC should be able to return home and duplicate the WYC programme in their respective Sai centres and countries. It is therefore recommended that every country give priority to one youth group/centre that can be developed as a centre of excellence within the country, be a role model for others and be able to inspire other youth groups.

The Programme

Apart from the Inaugural session and the Valedictory session, a pre-conference zonal workshop and a pre-conference plenary session were held to take stock on 'Actions undertaken after the 1st WYC'.

There were two zonal workshops and two plenary sessions held during the conference, covering the following topics : "Leadership and You", "Impact of Globalisation" and "How to ensure Peace and Harmony for Mankind?"

A WYC cultural programme also was staged in conjunction with the World EHV day.


A total number of 804 delegates from 63 nations converged in Prashanti Nilayam to attend the 2nd World Youth Conference.

One who practices and propagates the ideals such as goodness, morality and truth is a youth in the strict sense of the term. In fact, only such people are your best friends and My best best friends.

Action Plans

A total of about 900 overseas delegates (inclusive of Youth Advisors, National Sai Leaders, Central Coordinators and Zonal Chairmen) from some 63 countries participated in the conference. The targeted participants for the 2nd WYC (Overseas) were youth coordinators and youth leaders.

The programme of the 2nd WYC (Overseas) focused on three main areas ie.

  1. Leadership

  2. Impact of Globalisation and

  3. How to ensure Peace and Harmony for mankind.

The following principles have been adopted during the conference:

  1. All SAI youth will work under the umbrella of the Sai Organisation in their countries and take active part in all activities of their centres.

  2. They will undertake special activities that will focus on youth development – to manifest youth talent and self-confidence.

  3. They will attempt to promote sadhana in their respective families along with them.

In response to the above, the youth pledge to SAI to fulfil the following:

  1. Make the 9 point Code of Conduct a guide for their life

  2. They will try by thought, word and deed to be ideal examples for other youth to follow.

  3. They will try to bring all members of their families together for weekly sessions of spiritual togetherness – following their own respective cultures and traditions.

  4. In responding to SAI’s call for the youth, that "Youth Alone Can Transform Youth", the SAI youth will undertake the following:

  1. In every country where SAI youth exist, they will undertake one project of significant benefit for welfare of society and especially for youth. One significant example would be to adopt at least one village or depressed, high rise slum area in an urban environment. Responding to SAI’s call on September 1999 that "I want you to become ideal leaders, make use of your education to serve the poor…conduct free tuition classes", the SAI youth pledge to set up free tuition classes for poor children. If this programme is properly planned and launched at the birth of the new millennium, we will have by November 2000, Bhagavan’s 75th birthday, hundreds of thousands of children and youth around the world benefiting from "Sathya Sai Tuition Centres".

  2. In response to the needs of modern education and the work environment, the SAI youth will also set up at least one "Sathya Sai Computer Education Centre" in every city for the children of the poor.

The SAI youth will be teaching other children and youth not only how to use computers but also Human Values. They will thus try to transform the youth of urban and rural poor – into not only users of computers but also into "composers" as desired by Swami.

  1. The youth in each zone will get together annually in one of the poorer areas in their zones for SAI Spiritual Camps – where they will at the end of the Camp, leave behind in the area a permanent legacy of SAI Love in the form of a Sathya SAI Children’s Playground, a Sathya SAI Children’s Library or any such project that will have sustainable impact and benefit for the poor children and youth in the area.

  2. In fulfilling the above projects, the SAI youth will carry the torch of SAI through love, sacrifice and service around the world. They will also leave permanent legacies of education and human welfare for the benefit of society."

The WYC Convenor, on behalf of all youth prayed to Bhagavan Baba that in as much as there is an Annual Ladies Day and a Human Value Day, that there should be an Annual Youth Day where the world youth can report to Bhagavan on work done during the year for Human Welfare.

He concluded by asking all youth to go home and have Bhagavan Baba always by their side by asking Him to ‘Take my Hand Dear Sai and walk me through this land’.

The NZ Annual National Sai Youth Convention was held on 18-20 February 2000 at Silverstream Park Christian Centre, Upper Hutt. The theme was "An Attitude of Challenge - Morality in Society" based on Swami’s quotation:

See no evil, see what is good
Hear no evil, hear what is good
Speak no evil, speak what is good
Think no evil, think what is good
Do no evil, do what is good

The Convention covered topics such as:

  • Feedback from the 2nd World Youth Conference

  • Teen Youth modules on EHV

  • How to become ideal Sai Youth

  • How to start Youth Wings

  • How to reach out to Youth in the Community

  • How to become more active in the Centre activities

  • Team Building Exercises, Songs, Music and Sport.

From: http://www.gujarati-online.com/search/regmar00.htm

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