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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Padhuga Pooja 28th Sept. to 2nd Oct. 1999


Padhuga Pooja 1999

Prashanti Nilayam



28th Sept. to 2nd Oct. 1999

Five days of worship and adoration to Bhagavan Baba and the sanctified Padhugas gave a new fillip to the various functions being conducted in Prashanthi Nilayam every year. Poojas, Rituals, Homams, Prasthishta of Idols of Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmanan and Hanuma were conducted very meticulously during the functions starting from 28th September to 2nd October 1999.

Six years ago, the grand old devotee, Late Sri P.S.A.Subramania Chettiar from Madurai, founder, President of Sri Sai Padhuga Trust, pioneered the Padhuga Pooja rituals in Prashanthi Nilayam. There were only about 108 Padhugas on that day for the worship. This year the number had swelled to 4005. Sri Srinivasan Chettiar, the illustrous son of late Subramania Chettiar, conceeded that it was nothing but the sheer Grace of Beloved Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Sai Baba Vaaru, who inspires, guides and makes it possible for this grand event happen year after year in Prashanthi Nilayam.

Sri Subramania Chettiar is no more living with us, having merged with Bhagavan Baba recently. The son carries on with the mission with his dedicated service, drawing inspiration from the memories of his father and with an attitude of surrender unto Bhagavan. He had drawn up five days of Holi rituals and festivals. Motivating a team of dedicated sadhaks who are assisting him, Sri Sinivasan chettiar had left nothing to chance to come in the way of successful completion of the various programes. This year too a detailed 5-day programe had been accomploished. The high light being the Pooja to 4005 Divine Padukas, offering and installation of Sri Sai Shiva Sakthi Padhuka, the Installation of Idols of Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman, Sri Padmavathi Sametha Venkateswara Pooja. There were music programes too.

The five day long Padhuga Pooja celebrations commenced on the 28th September, with the four time Yagasala Poojas and Homams. The rituals starting with Vigneswara Pooja, and followed by veda parayanams and various homams went on for another day. The Poorna Ahuthi was performed on the 29th evening. The same day special programmes of Rama Sita Kalyanam and Sri Rama Pattabhishekam were also conducted.

The various homams were in fact a prelude to the Installation of Idols of SRI RAMA, Sita, LAKSMANA, and HANUMAN. Bhagavan Baba installed these idols, on the 30th Sept. on a specially erected temple mandap which had come up near the main entrance inside the Sai Kulwat Hall. Years ago, Swami had interred into an underground vault, thousands of books which are inscribed with 108 crores of Rama Nama written by scores of devotees. This new Rama temple has come up exactly on the top of these 108 crores of Rama Nama which would constantly activate the vibrations and energy into the idols. Before installing the idols, Swami, by waving His Divine hands, materialized a small Siva Linga, which he mentioned as "Rama Lingam' and inferred the same at the spot of installation.

Later while addressing the devotees, Sri Srinivasan Chettiar said that the previous day swami had most mercifully installed the Ram, Sita, Laxman & Hanuman idols at this divine place of supreme peace. Sri Sathya Sai Ram had installed his own pattabhishekam idols. In Thretha Yuga people under Ramarajya enjoyed abundant peace & prosperity health & wealth. Prasanthi Nilayam after the installation of these divine idols had once again become Ayodhya, bestowing the same degree of divinity in this Kaliyuga . It was the long cherished desire of his father that a small Rama Pattabhisheka temple should find a place in this Prasanthi Nilayam. After he merged with Bhagavan, He had placed the same prayer at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba. It appeared that swami was a bit reluctant accept the prayer. For some days this state of divine suspense continued and his agony also continued. Ultimately Swami graciously unfolded His divine suspense and accepted the prayer. It was expected that Swami would construct a small temple for Rama at Prasanthi Nilayam but to the surprise of everybody Swami had given the biggest temple for Rama in the latest and extended Sai Kulwanth Hall itself.

The next day, the 1st October, 1999 the grant event of Padhuga Pooja was conducted in the very Divine Presence. The number of Paduga Holder devotees are increasing year after year. This year, about 4005 padhugas were worshipped in the Divine presence of Bhagavan Baba. The commemorate the completion of the Prathishta of 4005 Sri Sai Padugas all over the world, a special pooja, namely SRI PADMAVATHI SAMETA VENKATESWARA POOJA was offered in the Divine presence. This was followed by Abhishekam snd other rituals to the sacred and sanctified Sai padhukas by over 4500 couples in the Divine presence. It was a sight to see; thousands of devotees offering Ahishekam and pooja simultaneously and ringing their individual Pooja bells, when Aarathi was offered.

Every year a newly designed Paduga of different style is being installed in the mandir, after adoring the same on the Divine Lotus Feet. This year also a specially designed pair of Divine Padhukas, named "SRI SAI SHIVA SHAKTHI PADUGA" was offered at His Lotus Feet, and was installed at Prahsanthi Nilayam, after doing Swarna Padha Pooja on Saturday, the 2nd October 1999 at Sai Kulwant Hall. Earlier, Earlier in the moring there was huge procession of Padhuga Holders. All the devotees had special uniformed dress to wear. Ladies were given a specially designed sari of the same design and gents with Dhothies of coloured borders. 4005 pairs of Padhugas entered Sai Kulwant Hall, carried by the devotees on their heads. The devotee couples were holding the Divine Padhugas over their heads. They were chanting aloud the name of Sai Ram all along and they had no other thoughts in their minds than that of Holy names. As they arrived in the Sai Kulwant Hall, Bhagavan Baba was personally available to receive them.

Swami blessed the devotees by His Divine Discourse, later in the evening. During the divine discourse, Bhagavan said that "You have all come from different places for worshiping the Padhukas and deriving the bliss therefrom. It is indeed a good act. It is not sufficient if you merely worship the Padhugas. Concentrate on them. Without concentration what is the point in worshipping Padhugas?" (The text of Divine discourse is appearing separately).

Before the Divine discourse two other devotees addressed the gathering. Sri.Srinivasan Chettiar, President of the the Sri Sai Padhuga Trust spoke at length about the efficacy of Padhuga worship. He mentioned that till last year Padhuga Function, his beloved father Sri Subramania Chettiar was with us to give his able guidance for the successful conduct of Padhuga Function here. By the Divine Grace of Bhagavan and also by the untiring efforts of his beloved father Sri Chettiar, the Divine Message of Sri Sai Padhuga Worship reached the nook and corner of the world and in 1998 Padhuga Function, as many as 3006 duly sanctified Padhugas were blessed by our beloved Bhagwan. "Such a great man is not with us this year. He has merged with Paramatma of our Bhagwan Baba on 13th April 1999. His Jeevatma is resting at Eternal peace at the Lotus Feet of our Bhagavan", he said. He announced that this year by the Grace of Bhagavan Baba, as many as 4005 divined Padhugas from 40 countries are being blessed. More and more number of devotees wish to have Sri Sai Padhugas in their homes. Why? Bhagavan, in His 1996 Padhuga Mahotsav had given a divine Proclamation that wherever Sai Padhugas are worshipped, Swami Himself would be there, in their homes. The Sai Padhuga Family members feel the divine presence of Bhagavan Baba in their Pooja room blessing them!

Sri.Srinivasan Chettiar narrated a miraculous incident happened signifying the glory of Padhuga, which he claimed to have told Bhagavan Baba personally. One lady from Austria, was pregnant. But she was feeling uneasiness in her abdomen and consulted her doctors. On examination the doctors told her that she was bearing two children but the children were disproportionately grown and they were not equal in size, One child was very big and the other child very small! In the circumstances, normal delivery was impossible. The only remedy available was to take away the two children, terminating the pregnancy as otherwise the lives of children and as well as the lady were at stake. All the expert doctors gave the same opinion. But the lady wanted to have her children alive in good shape and the doctors reiterated that it was absolutely impossible. She developed an urge in herself to rush to Puttaparthy to touch the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba and place her Prayer. But her health did not permit her to do so. Now she remembered that one of her friends was having Sri Sai Padhuga in her home given by Sri Chettiar. She requested her friend and brought the Sai Padhugas to her home. She did some thing strange. She tied both the divine Sai Padhugas on her Abdomen and constantly Prayed Bhagavan to give her children intact, healthy and equal in size. Her prayers continued for 20 days. Her prayers were deep from her heart. and sincere. After some time, she had a comfortable feeling in her abdomen; her breath was uniform and comfortable. She immediately consulted her doctors. The doctors were taken aback with unbound surprise (with a trace of confusion also ) and informed her that the children are now safe, equal in size and in good shape. Ultimately the delivery of the twin kids was safe and normal delivery was possible. Both the children are now healthy, cheerful and proportionate in size; He further announced the lady showed her twin children to his beloved father when she had visited Prasanthi Nilayam during the last year Sri Sai Padhuga Pooja! His father very glad and informed the lady that her deep devotion and sincere faith in Sai Padhugas had saved the lives of the mother and children.

Dr. Gadia, a physician from U.K. also spoke on that occasion. He urged the devotees to develop detacment, and devotion and offer service to humanity following the tachings of Bhagavan Baba. He mentioned that during his lecture tour to various countries, he had witnessed various Divine manifestations, especially in Fiji, where he could find manifestation of Divine Vibhoothi and nector, from the Padhuga installed in a devotee's house. He said that there are incidents of Swami's presence in some places such as automatic switching on and off of electric lights duriing Bhajan sessions etc. He said that Swami had taken Avatar for bring peace for the entire world. Some persons are having graduate degrees appended to their names. Here, Swami is much more that the normal, degree. He is B.A,B.A, M.A i.e. Babama (father and mother). He recalled the first song of Bhgavan Baba "Manasa Bhajare Gurucharanam" and that the implication of that song comes to reality with this mass Padhuga Movement. He said that he was given a new lease of life by Baba after surviving a severe accident, and he recited a poem which had come to him as an intuition after the miraculous saving.

There are a few musical programes planned during the celebrations. There was a Saxophone Concert by famous Sri. Kadri Gopalnath, by 6.00 PM on the 30th sept., followed by a Flute and Gottu Vadhyam Duet by Sr. B.V.Bala Sai, and Sri Durgaprasad and Party. Swami created golden Bracelet to Mr.Kadri Gopinath and beautiful ring to Sri. Bala Sai. On the 1st October there was yet another programme, "VADHYA LAHARI" by Kumari A. Kanyakumari and Party.

Learn to give, not to take. Learn to serve, not to rule.

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