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Reports of events from the Sai Baba Ashrams


Maha Shivarathri at Prashanthi Nilayam
February 15, 1999

As I start typing this special report, it is 9.30 AM Indian Time. Less than 3 hours ago, Swami performed the greatest miracle at the conclusion of the night long bhajans. The time was about 6.40 AM (15.2. l999). Swami had gone round the darshan lines and had reached Mandir Verandah. As the Bhajan is going on, Swami all of a sudden produced a Sivalingam, from His Mouth.

In a split second, the Lingam jumped out, like a bullet and Bhagavan held it in His Divine Hands, and held it aloft for everybody to see. Unprecedendent crowds over half a million devotees  witnessed the grand event.

         The Lingam was little larger than a lemon, and it was of GOLD, and it was shining brightly.

         Later on, during the morning Discourse, Swami mentioned it as HIRANYAGARBHA Lingam, which is the origin of all creations. Swami said that it is very solid and will not break in spite of heavy impacts. He demonstrated by throwing the lingam away from Him, twice, and it  was picked up by students and returned back to Swami. 

         Swami flirther said that everybody have got such Hiranya Linga in their body which is in the right side of their body while the physical heart is on the left side. Bhagavan further said that human beings are  unable to bring it out, but Swami, being Divine could bring it out and  show the same to everybody.

         Earlier, at the beginning of the Akhanda Bhajan, on the 14th evening, there was a Divine Discourse. The Vice Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning spoke and mentioned that  Swami used to Produce Sivalingam earlier years and those were the lucky people and lucky ones to witness such grand miracles. Swami, in His Discourse, mentioned that He had stop the Lingodbhava (Manifestation of Linga) because of the unruly behaviour of the crowd who created chaos  to witness the mirac1e, causing injuries to many other  devotees. He however said that Lingaolbhava do happen on all Sivarathri days, but not in the public view. Swami said that it is the very nature of Swami to produce Lingam on this auspecious day.


Source: Sai-News

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