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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Prayers, Mantras, Slokas

  A Prayer to Mother

A prayer to Mother written by Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Mother Sai,
        We are children within Thy womb, As the Mother lovingly bears the hammerings of the embryo, Thou too, in Thy Supreme Patience and Compassion, dost put up with the painful knocks we give Thee by our misdeeds. Thou art the Mother cheerfully doing everything only for our sake, Thy children.

        As Mother Durga, Thou dost drive away our difficulties and protect us;
        As Mother Saraswathy, endowest us with wisdom;
        As Mother Lakshmi, givest us the treasure of wealth in correct measure;
        As Mother Annapoorna, fondly dost feed us
        Even without our entreaties, children what we are, Thou will bless us of thy own accord, with the right things at the right time. However, for our own satisfaction we pray. Pray, feed us with the dishes of devotion for the heart, and victual of wisdom for the brain. Grant us the vision that Thou art the one power immanent everywhere in everything.

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