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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Prayers, Mantras, Slokas

  Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Suprabhatam

Easwaramba Suthah Shreeman
Poorvaa Sandhyaa Pravarthathe
Utthishta Sathya Sayeesha
Karthavyam Daivam Aanhikam

O Son of Easwaramba ! O Resplendent Majestic One ! Dawn is heralding in the East. The daily tasks of Divinity which Thou hast undertaken has to be accomplished, therefore, awake, O Lord Sathya Sai!

Utthishtotthishta Partheesha
Utthishta Jagadheepathey
Utthishta Karunapoorna
Loka Mangala Siddhaye

Awake, Awake, O Lord of Parthi! O Lord of the entire Universe and Mankind ! Awake, O Compassionate Lord! So that the world attain auspiciousness, happiness, prosperity, welfare and blessings.

Chitraavathi Thata Vishaala Sushaantha Soudhey
Thishtanthi Sevaka Janaah Thava Darshanaartham
Aadhithya Kaanthiranubhaathi Samastha Lokaan
Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan Thava Suprabhatham

In the vast Mansion, full of bliss and tranquility, (Prashanthi Nilayam) on the banks of the river Chitravathi, those anxious to serve Thee are waiting for Thy Darshan. The radiance of the Sun is illumining the World. O Lord Sathya Sai! Blessed by Thy wakefulness, we pray for an auspicious day.

Thwannaama Keerthana Rathaah Thava Divya Naama
Gaayanthi Bhakthi Rasa Paana Prahrushta Chiththaah
Daathum Krupaasahitha Darshanamaashu Thebhyah
Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan Thava Suprabhatham

Devotees engrossed in singing Thy Glory are happy and blissful, when they taste the nectar of devotion. Kindly shower Thy Grace by granting them Thy Darshan. O Lord Sathya Sai! Blessed by Thy wakefulness, we pray for an auspicious day.

Aadhaaya Divya Kusumaani Manoharaani
Sreepaada Poojana Vidhim Bhavadanghri Mooley
Karthum Mahothsukathayaa Pravishanti Bhakthaah
Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan Thava Suprabhatham

Bringing holy flowers with captivating colors and fragrance, for worshipping Thy Lotus Feet, in the form as prescribed by the scriptures, Thy devotees are coming in, with great yearning and enthusiasm. O Lord Sathya Sai! Blessed by Thy wakefulness, we pray for an auspicious day.

Desaantharaagatha Budhaah Thava Divya Moorthim
Sandharshanaabhirathi Samyutha Chiththa Vruthyaa
Vedoktha Manthra Pathanena Lasanthyajasram
Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan Thava Suprabhatham

Wise persons from distant countries, moved by yearning to have Thy Darshan, have come and they are having great delight in reciting constantly mantras of the Vedas. O Lord Sathya Sai! Blessed by Thy wakefulness, we pray for an auspicious day.

Shruthva Thavaadbhutha Charithram Akhanda Keerthim
Vyaaptham Diganthara Vishaala Dharaathalesmin
Jignaasu Lokaupathishtathi Chaasramesmin
Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan Thava Suprabhatham

Hearing Thy marvellous tales and fame that has reached the farthest horizons, earnest seekers of Reality have come to this place and are waiting. O Lord Sathya Sai! Blessed by Thy wakefulness, we pray for an auspicious day.

Seetha Sathee Sama Vishuddha Hridhambu Jaathaah
Bahvanganaa Kara Gruheetha Supushpa Haaraah
Sthunvanthi Divyanuthibhih Phani Bhushanam Thwaam
Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan Thava Suprabhatham

Women devotees, whose (petals of) heart are unattached to the world like Lotus petals (which are unattached to the water in which they grow, even though they cannot survive without water) and are similar to Mother Seetha in virtues and piousness are singing Thy Glory - the Glory of Lord Shiva adorned with Serpent around His neck - through holy hymns holding excellent flower garlands in their hands. O Lord Sathya Sai! Blessed by Thy wakefulness, we pray for an auspicious day.

Suprabhatham Idam Punyam Ye
Patanthi Dine Dine
Tey Vishanthi Param Dhaama
Jnaana Vijnaana Shobhithaah

Whoever daily recites this morning awakening Hymn will attain the Highest Abode resplendent with the Supreme intelligence as well as Supreme wisdom.

Mangalam Guru Devaaya
Mangalam Jnaana Dhaayine
Mangalam Parthi Vaasaaya
Mangalam Sathya Saayine

May the divine Guru be auspicious to us; May the Bestower of wisdom be auspicious to us; May the Lord, Who manifested in Parthi be auspicious to us; May Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba be auspicious to us.

Inner Significance of Suprabhatam

In the dawn when we recite the Suprabhatam, we must realize that the Lord is there within us. It is He who is to perform all actions through our Indriyas (Senses). Our actions should be such , that they can be termed Divine. Each time we perform an act or generate a thought, we should try to synchronize with Sai?s action and thought. As each new day begins in the morning, we should chant this Suprabhatam and remind ourselves of the existence of the Lord within us.

Easwarambaa Sutha refers to all of us. We are all children of Divinity. Our body is Puttaparthi. The devotees eagerly waiting are the Indriyas (senses). The fruits and the flowers and the offerings are our deed s. The women who are pure as Sita or Sati are the feminine aspect of the power within each of us, as Ichcha Shakti (Will Power), Kriya Shakti( energy for action), Vichar Shakti (thinking power), Vak Shakti (Power of speech), etcetera. Shakti (energy or power) signifies the feminie aspect.

In this manner if we try to awaken the Lord within us, that is try to realize His Presence, surely we will reach this Abode which is resplendent with Gnyan (knowledge). Vignyan (Science), Sugnyan (Spiritual knowledge) and we will be liberated.


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