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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Prayers, Mantras, Slokas

  Khanda Kandanthara

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Khanda Kandanthara Khyathi Narchinchina
Mahaniyulanu Kanna Mathru Bhumi
Paschathya Virula Paradrolinchiyu
Swathanthramunu Kanna Samara Bhumi
Sangitha Sahithya Shasthriya Vidyalandu
Dhishakthi Chupina Divya Bhumi
Chitra Kalala Thoda Chitra Kalala Thoda
Chitramai Yunnatti
Bharatha Bhumi Nandu Jananamundi
Bharatha Matha Dharma Bhagyammu Kapada
Bhajvathanthayu Mide Bhakthulara
Bharatha Matha Dharma Bhagyammu Kapada
Bhijvathanthayu Mide Bhakthulara
Bhijvathanthayu Mide Bhakthulara


This motherland (India) has begotten sons who have earned reputation in continents far and wide.
This valorous land has produced warriors who earned freedom for the land by driving away the foreigners.
This divine land had shown excellence in the fields of music and literature.
O devotees! It is entirely your responsibility to uphold the righteousness of the land having been born in that land which is varied with its fineness of art and architecture.

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