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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles


Water into petrol

As Jesus Christ changed water into wine to satisfy a need, so Sai Baba turned water into petrol to satisfy a different need. It happened one day as Baba was being driven along a country road in India. The car suddenly stalled and stopped. The driver examined it and found that the fuel tank was empty. "There is no more petrol in the tank", said he. 'They have no wine,' said Jesus's mother (John 2:3). There was no filling station within sight and no passing traffic. Baba ordered that the petrol tank be filled with water from a nearby pond and this was done.
The driver got back into the car with trepidation and nervously switched on the ignition, and the engine responded beautifully. He drove all the way to their destination hours away on a tank filled with pond water!

Kanu, Sai
Baba, God Incarnate, p. 17


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