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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles


Vibhuti means miracle

by CH - USA

(Editors Note: The following story is about a Sai devotee who experienced an amazing transformation while attending a Sai Baba retreat this summer. Her name has been altered for privacy reasons. Your comments or reaction to this story are welcome here. Please let us know if something similar has ever happened to you. By sharing our "good news", we lift others.) What an amazing story! Our friend "Linda" just diagnosed with 4th stage pancreatic cancer just had what looks to be a wonderful miracle while visiting Wilma Bronkey's July 4th weekend Sai retreat/reunion. Jody and I met her there for this Sai event. Almost every speaker and nearly every topic discussed seemed aimed, at least in part at Linda. One of the principle speakers was Al Drucker. I had arranged to interview him on video in front of the whole gathering on the last day of the retreat. It was a wide ranging 90 minute interview that touched on many Baba miracles, the Course In Miracles and some important life lessons. Before the interview, Al followed us in his car from his hotel since he wasn't quite sure how to get to Wilma's from downtown Grants Pass, Oregon. Linda rode with him and in the car she asked Al about her cancer. Al told Linda, "You need to go home, you don't belong here", to which Linda asked Al, "What about you?" Al's reply was, "I already am home". Linda had been thinking about many treatment options regarding her cancer over the last three weeks since receiving her diagnosis. The medical establishment has nothing to offer her but she has thought of traveling to China, Germany or the UK for experimental treatments. When informed about Linda, Wilma had told Jody and me to bring her to the Grants Pass retreat but she made no promises. All she said was that Linda would be spared pain during her stay at the retreat. The retreat was like being in Parthi, charged up people, interesting discourses and a hot and dry atmosphere that seemed appropriate to help burn away the veneer of what we all brought with us. During the hour and a half recorded interview with Al, Linda needed to leave the covered deck to be alone. She found a place in the shade where she could hear the PA speakers and allowed herself to drift into meditation to Baba. Picking up on Al's comments she told Baba, "I want to go home". Then she said something that even she was surprised to hear herself say, "I want to go home. Call me on the phone if you want me to come to India Baba". Linda had no idea where such a strange command had come from but she said it felt like the correct thing to say to Baba. Sunday evening, after the retreat had concluded Linda was invited to spend the night at Wilma's. Wilma performed a healing on Limfs, something she does very rarely anymore and Linda went to sleep very content. Yesterday morning, upon awakening Linda wanted to make a call, but as she went to use the phone she noticed that it was covered with vibuthi. She thought little of it except that it was odd. The phone wouldn't work and as she lifted it to see what was wrong she found vibuthi actually growing underneath the phone. At breakfast Wilma told Linda that even though vibuthi is common in her home, nothing like this had ever happened before. She also said that it was most unusual for her phone to be out of order. It was only at this moment that Linda began to recall her request to Baba from the previous day. Wilma asked Linda what she had planned to do next and Linda shared her interest in traveling to China and elsewhere for alternative treatments for her advanced cancer. Wilma acknowledged that all of these things can be helpful but said to Linda, "Why don't you go see Baba?" And she is. Today Linda is working feverishly using Wilma's travel agent to arrange to fly to India with her son. She hopes to go in the next several days or within a couple of weeks at the latest. I have no doubt she will make it. At the start of the retreat on Saturday morning Linda was invited to begin the session with a short talk to the children, with the adults arranged behind them. She told them many stories about Baba and led them all on a wonderful guided imagery meditation. She also told them one thing more, that earlier when visiting with Ama, India's hugging and loving guru, that Ama had told her that she would be forever thereafter known not as Linda but by another name. The name Ama had chosen to be Linda's new name, was Vibuthi. It is what we all called her during Wilma's retreat. It is what Linda has become. And it is what has been created for her in response to her plea to Baba. And today, it is what is sending her on her way to India. Vibuthi. I'll keep you posted as the story continues to unfold. Sai Ram.

Courtesy and source: http://www.mygoodnews.org/boxsidebyside.asp?foobar=126&dismode=article&artid=35

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