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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles


Swami appears in Colombia

- Victoria and Hugo Vasquez, New York

Several years ago, when we were still new to Swami, my sister experienced a phenomenal act of Swami's grace. At that time, the Colombian economy was in turmoil and unemployment rates had reached record numbers. Under those trying circumstances, one night, a queerlooking visitor knocked at my sister's door. He requested her to give him 50 Peso [Colombian currency] for traveling to another city. The stranger claimed to be penniless. My sister's heart melted and she wanted to help. Unfortunately, that was the only money left in her house and was to serve as the sole means of sustenance for several weeks to come. Despite her daughter's reasoning, she decided to oblige the visitor; she gave the money and closed the door. Almost instantly, she realized that the visitor was none other than Baba himself and she at once reopened the door. To her amazement, Baba had vanished. The turn of events that took place in the coming days, further proved the identity of the visitor. In the next few days, she found unexpected money (for an amount that was sufficient to provide basic necessities for several weeks). Strangely, her husband was also re-employed and the family troubles ended miraculously. Baba's timely intervention had averted a serious crisis.

Source: Om Sai Mandir Newsletter July 2004; Volume1, Issue 1
Om Sai Mandir Website: http://www.omsaimandir.org/

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