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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Sairam I want to share one miracle.......

April 22, 2005

Sairam Brothers and Sisters 

I want to share one Miracle happened to me  just few days ago.
Actually we were 6 members planned our Tour to Visit (Vijaya Satyasai Mandiram,Malkaji giri,)Hyderabad, Srisailam,Mahanandi and Puttaparti.
On 6th March 2005 we reached Vijaya Satyasai  Mandiram and all 6 members of us performed
Abhishekam to Shivalinga, Materialised Rudhraksha, Swami's Idol , and other 2 materialised lingas. And after abhishekam was completed we have collected all abhishekam water into 2 Steel Vessels and after some time mandir purohit kept his hand in that vessels (mandir purohit checked the Vessels, b'coz some times these types of materialisations are taking place after performing abhishekam), observed that 6 swami lockets materialised in that water. In the second vessel 5 dollar coins materialised.All of us taken 6 lockets each one one and that 5 dollar coins also distributed to us.But unfortunately i did't get the dollar coin, b'coz  remaining 5 members have taken all the five coins,  actually we are of 6 members. After again mandir  purohit kept his hand in the vessel , observed that SWAMI'S SILVER PADHUKAAS materialised ,he has given  that PADHUKAAS to me.  Really I  can't able to  express my happiness in the words. Many many Humble pranams at the lotus feet of Bhagwan.
Here i am sending the Picture of Swam's Silver Padhukaas.
Afterwards we have continued our tour to Srishailam,Mahanandi and finally reached to Puttparti on 7 th March at 9.00Pm .We spent Mahashivarathri there at Prashanthi Nilayam with Bhagwan and returned.
Really so many miracles are happening in the  Vijaya Satya Sai  Mandiram,Malkajigiri,Anandhbhag,Hyderabad. Please i am requesting you to watch the video file  which was sent to our saibabanews group few days ago.
Actually one more great miracle is there in that  video file, first the mandiram people recorded the  video file and they brought to prashanthi nilayam  for swami's blessings. Swami blessed and added  VAIKUNTA DWAARAS , SWAMI'S DARSHAN AND ANIL KUMAR  ANNOUNCEMENT in that cd. This is the great miracle.
Thanks a lot Brothers and sisters for giving me opportunity to share this miracle.
SAI RAM. Praying that Bhagawan's Grace be always with all of us.


Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/7296


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