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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Restoration of Mrs. A.K.Varma


I wish to share one incident that occured while i was at Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Ooty. This incident happened in the year 1986. I was in my class IV at that time.

Mrs.A.K.Varma rather called by the name Mother by one and all in the school from the staff to the smallest child was in her ripe old age working as the principal of the school. She was one of the most loving mothers. She gave the same love to one and all in the school. One fine morning we all were told that Mother was no more and she is dead. At that time there were only few classes in the school and so the number of children were not many. But whoever was there, all of us plung into deep grief. As children it was something unbearable for us to hear that our mother was no more for us.

In the meanwhile after the doctors completely declared that they are no chances of her reviving, Mrs.Nanjan (wife of Mr.Nanjan who was the president of samithi in Ooty and also who had given the school premises live in the same building with his family as all his daughters were teaching at the school and he is the father of our dear late SRI RADHAKRISHNAN - the only person who got the oppurtunity to serve SWAMI till his last breath) went iniside Mother's room and applied some vibhuti to her body which swami had given them earlier.

LO! after some time, there was a sound from Mother's room, she got up as though one awakened from deep sleep and called for assistance. She was alive!!! We all jumped with joy when we heard this, all the children were literally jumping and running all over the building.

Immediately she went to Prashanti Nilayam to have Swami's darshan. Swami told to her, "I have extended your life, come and stay with me." So she came back to Ooty to bif farewell to all of us. Tears were flowing down every child's eyes when she began to leave. None of us wanted her to leave but it was the Command of Swami. She came to Prashanti Nilayam and lived in WEST PRASHANTI - 1, on the ground floor. I took oppurtunity whenever i got to go and meet her as i shared a very intimate relation with her. She could recognize me very well after so much lapse of time also. She had adopted a small boy from a prison in pakistan and brought him up. Of course this was long back, but i just wanted to mention about her pious nature.

Later, after finishing my class-VII, we were transferred to Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, Prashanti Nilayam. When we came for evening darshan, we could see her sitting in the front row on the ladies side, sometimes when i got an oppurtunity, i would waive my hand to her, and she would give a smile.

Later around 1992, i dont remember exactly the year, (pardon me for bad memory) during the evening rounds, Swami told her,"Varma, your time is over, u have to come back to me". The following day she breathed her last. She passed away without any pain.

Very few are such kind of people in this world. To tell a little more, it was becoz of her i joined the school in ooty. My parents were not devotees of swami when i got admission in the school. My mother wanted to send me to a boarding school in ooty as she was very much concerned about my education. So she sent me alongwith my father for a preliminary round to show me the school life at different schools and which ever i selected, they would join me there (my mother was afraid, if i did not like the school they joined me as per their choice, i might run away and get lost). So i went to ooty when i was 6 yrs old and my father took me around many schools and we spent time in each school. When we reached Swami's school, and i entered the office room, Mother came towards me and first took me in her arms. She showed me the complete school buidling and talked me to little things. And that is how i chose the school. So Swami had brought me to his education system through the love and affection of this GREAT LADY.

My pranams to her HOLY SOUL forever.

I thank you all for this oppurtunity to share one of the miracles happened in front of me.


Courtesy and source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/3040

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