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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles


Vibhuti Manifestation in a Devotee's House in London

Received at www.saibabalinks.org on January 13, 2005

I am a sai devotee from london and with the grace of our beloved sai we are having alot of vibuthi materialisatons in our home. as part of seva for the world would u like me to send you pictures of my house so you can put it on the links and people over the world who can not see vibuthi appearing can see what swami does with his omnipresence?


there about hundred photo graphs with messgaes written by sai and seven
different coulour vibuthi which have manifested.

i will put my details on the bottom incase anyone wants to get in touch
to come and see the leelas. in sai service rajiv adatia


the pictures are in the attatchment.

my name is Rajiv Adatia
my address 138 villageway pinner middlsex ha5 5az telephone 0208 868
3331 london uk.



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