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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles


Prayers answered

sai ram

Brothers and sisters, we have witnessed many miracle with our swami. I personally have witnessed many. The one that stands out the most and touches on the topic of sister Melody requesting prayers for her dear friends. My dad sai baba fanatic :). Although with a slight heart condition, he would never miss a meeting or the slightest chance to do seva. One of the reasons I call him my role model is through this wonderful seva that he did with the grace of swami. We have some friends that we visit over vacation once a year. They weren't into Swami and were by no means going to follow him anytime soon. They prayed to their own gods, which is not wrong at all. My dad had persisted over years to try and get them to go and visit baba's temple in South Africa where alot of wonderful were taking place. It so happened that this very family had a grandson who had a brain tumor and didn't have much time to live. They had tried everything to no avail.  The persistent person that my dad was, insisted that he take some vibhuti and oil that swami had manifested to these people, who were steadily growing tired of my dad. This wonderful family did except it and began to use it on their grandson. They mixed the vibhuti in food and water and gave it to this child. A few months later the tumor was gone. The boy is perfectly healthy today. So encourage people to use vibhuti, its so powerful. Thanks to our wonderful swami, our prayers got answered. May swami continue to be with us all.

sai ram


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