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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  A Wonderful Divine Experience
(Mr. T. Narayana Reddy)

After serving in the Indian Air Force for a longtime at different places, Mr. T. Narayana Reddy (65) settled at Puttaparthi with a view to spending the rest of his life in the service of Swami. He was a witness to many Sai miracles. He says the following:

"One of my well-wishers gave me a Photograph of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in 1964. As far as I recollect, it was the first time Swami had entered my life.

While I was working in Agra in 1968, we used to attend Bhajans of Swami wherever they were held. In the house of a Malayali family, many miracles used to take place. Vibhuti, Kumkum and sugar candy used to come from Swami's Photograph. Once some oil also came. We, too, went and saw these things... In 1969, it literally rained candy sugar like hailstones!

We also held Bhajans in our house. Once a little quantity of vibhuti came from a Photograph of Swami in our house. We arranged a separate Mandir for Swami in our house. My wife used to decorate it, with colour papers, with devotion. She placed in it Photographs of other gods and goddesses also.

One day, I returned from office and placed the bundle of currency notes I received that day as my salary before Swami's Photograph in the Mandir. My wife was not in the house. As it was time for the evening Haarati, our nine-year-old son was enthusiastic to perform it. I agreed, but when he was giving Haarati, the colour paper-decoration in the Mandir caught fire by his inadvertence. I rushed to remove the Photographs of gods, etc and save them from being gutted.

In my hurry to remove the Photographs, my mind did not think of the salary bundle lying there. Just at that time, one of the colour paper garlands fell down burning, on the bundle. The garland burned on either side, but not on the top portion of the bundle of notes. By Swami's grace, my salary was untouched by the Fire-god. We felt it very strange that the bundle of currency notes did not catch fire at all when a burning paper garland fell on it!"

Om Sai Ram.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/

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