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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Leelas of Bhagawan in regard to His Padhugas


At this stage I may be permitted to mention about the recent leelas of Bhagawan in regard to His Padhugas.

a) A member form Kerala recently received the Divine pair of Padhuga from us. While walking in the street he met another Sai Devotee who informed that Swamy has visited your home and go and see. The member got surprised and ran to his house. He could not belive his eyes on what he saw Vibuthi was continuously flowing from the Divine Padhugas in heaps indicating Swamy presence. The member got bewildered and asked me to clarify about this. Then I explained to him that this event is a Sai leela played by Swami to bless you and family through His Divine presence.

b) A member from USA who is a native of Bangalore city received the Divine pair of Padhuga of Swamy very recently at Trayee Brindavan from me. As this member had to undergo a long Business tour be gave the sacred Padhugas to his Aunt residing in Bangalore asking her to keep the Padhugas safely till he return from the tour. Now this revered lady without knowing the sacredness of Padhugas packed the Padhugas tightly and put in an Almyrah. Then in the night Swamy appeared in her dreams and asked her “why you have tied up me and put inside an Almyrah. Of course she ignored what Swamy said in her dream without understanding the significance of Swamy’s question. The following night also Swamy appeared and repeated the same question. Now the lady got some fear about Swamy and prayed to Swamy to pardon her if she had committed any wrong towards Swamy. Again Swamy appeared in the dream in the night and explained to her that she has kept His Padhugas locked up without worshipping the Padhugas and commander her to place the Padhugas in the Pooja room and worship the Padhugas. This lady also contacted me and explained to us about Swamy’s appearance in her dream. Then she was clarified that Padhugas represented the Divine body and Divine Feet of Bhagawan and such should not kept locked inside a Almyrah. The lady is now worshipping the Padhugas reverentially till they are returned to her nephew the Padhuga member.
The above two incidents exhibit to us that Bhagawan plays His leela at times to reveal the greatness of the Padhugas.


Extract from: http://www.saibabalinks.org/news/others/2004/padukapoojacanada.htm

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