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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami's Leelas in Johannesburg, South Africa - 2005

Om Sairam to all my brothers and sisters in India

My name is Saraswathie and I live in Benoni which is in Johannesburg.I
am a Baba devotee for about 2 years and Swami has done a lots for me.I
am very thankful that my Avarthar has come into my life when I needed
him most.He is my satgugu ,my mother ,my father and I could never do
without Him in my life.

I would like to tell a story of a miracle that is happening in South
Africa --my husband and I are very close to a family that we met at our
our Sai Centre--his name is Roy Naidoo and he is a single parent and he
takes care of his two children Krystal and Krysen.He is unemployed and
goes through a hard time financially-he has been renting from hse to
hse and people did not want to keep him cos he was poor-but nothing stopped
him from believing in Swami-he is a devotee for 20 years and not matter
what happens to him he always says that he will leave his problems to
Swami--his children are the very same-at one stage lately they were
asked to find another place to live as there landlady did not want them
anymore-the first thing the children did was put Babas photo in front of them
and sing.They love him to bits and they pray so very hard and honestly for
Swami as they believe that he will answer ther prayers-it was a
thursday morning last month that they found a place to stay-it was a christian
lady who had a garage that was full of unnecessary stuff told him that he
can empty place and use in it to live with his children-buy there was no
bath and toilet and they can use the main hse.They were so happy and they
the landlady asked them to take their things out before she leaves for
She closes the water and lights and they sit outside the hse waiting to
until 1pm for a van to take there things.It is now only a month that
they moved to this garage--and last week tuesday a miracle happened in
this home.It was the 5-july 2005 at about 8-30am thay Swami has decided to
visit this home--the vibuthu was bubbling in front of Swami picture as
if as if it was water boiling in a kettle-he was shocked and ran to call
his new landlady to see what was happening--it was an unbelievable sight
the ash did not stop-he phoned me to ask what must he do and I told him
to give everyone a little vibuthi that came to see-he was so scared and
he prayed to Swami that he must stop cos this was not his hse-but Swami
never listen -he just carried on.The next day Swamis hands was on the
wall with a print of ash.Then came raisins,mixed in ash and on the
photos then next day cane sugar candy,the next day manja from the the
walls-the next day kungu ---but the vibuthi just continued the more he gave out
the more it came-on saturday morning Swami gave red strings,it just
appeared on His photo in bundles-cut into small pieces-on sunday Swami gave
us white strings-it was the most amazing experience I have ever had-on
saturday nite --we sat on the floor whilst and prayed and I swear there
was no red strings left at all suddenly a few strings appeared on the
photo-we were shocked and we know that Swami is omnipresent -He is my
God ,he is my life and I cannot do without Him in my life and I will
never fail Him ,my Swami Sathiya Sai Baba-on monday 11-july 2005 my
husband and I took a photo and my Ganesha from our home to this miracle
hse-and the very next day Swamis vibuthi is on our photo as well-and the
most amazing of all Swami covered my Ganesha with lots of manja only-we
are all truely blessed-the address of this home that miracles are happening;
House no 239 Caladen Street-Actonvelle-Benoni--Johannesburg

I personally think that Swami has made His home in Johanesburg and I am
so grateful that he choose a poor home-it shows that Swami does no go
for money or wealth but --what is wants from everyone of us is true
love,honesty,faith and trust and belief in Him.That is all He wants.
I would like this story to be published in India and after all our
Satguru is omnipresent-and He is the greatest of all.

Thank you
Saraswathie Govender
203 Dewerahof

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Part 2

Om sairam to my brothers and sisters

The miracle continues in johannesburg-239 calden street benoni-jbh.

The last i wrote was white strings that swami has given us-but that is
not all-the most amazing thing has happened was that was has given us
gold pendants of sai baba and shridi baba on both sides.it started of
with about seven pendants that was in the vibuthi that is still not
stopping ever 5-july 2005-as roy naidoo gave out pendants to people
there was more and more each day in the vibuthi-as of this day approx.

One hundred and fifty (150)pendents was given to people that came to
see the miracles of swami-and that is not all -a few days ago a brass
ganesha is giving us honey that is coming out from the trunk of ganesha-our
devotee roy put the ganesha into a glass dish and it has been a few
a now that this dish gets full every single day-roy naidoo has given
out honey to hundreds of people and there still no end to the honey and
vibuthi.we all blessed in johannesburg-almost every night people are
having service at this home of swamis-and last week whilst the service
was a song was sang with real power (oom shakti oom) and the whole room
was filled with utmost devotion and as the song went on the shirdi baba
statue was shaking slowly according to the music-all that was in that
service witnessed this miracle of swamis.

Devotees of swami are visiting this home every single day and lots of
people leave there auspicious photos and ornament and statue at this
home for blessing-and every single devotee that left something from
there homes is truly blessed-vibuthi comes on all these photo and ornaments.
one day last week a very devoted member of swamis left a beautiful
photo of swamis feet for blessing-and on each toe of swamis she had a kungu
dot-the very next day these kungu dots were covered with vibuthi of
swamis-it is a beautiful site -an unreal experience-according to roy
naidoo he has now given vibuthi to approx.20-000
people there is no end to vibuthi.

I must thank om swami sathiya baba to give roy the strength and energy
all these days-and he is a great devotee of swamis and he always says
that swami never ever failed him in whatever he asked and it time for
him to do swamis work forever and all are welcome to his home(he now
calls it the home of swami sathiya sai baba)roy  naidoo-cell(072-584-9758.we must
thank the landlady(govindamma a christain women) of this home
239-calden street for accepting swami sai sai baba and his miracles and allowing
the people to come to this home-she is truely blessed by swami and has
accepted swami with utmost faith and devotion.

I saraswathie,my husband pregaladhan govender,roy naidoo and his two
children would like to thank the sai website for believing in the
miracles that i wrote last week-i am so happy that it was confirmed by
om sri bhavagan sathiya sai baba and now we all know that it is the
real truth and nothing but the truth.

thank you
om shanti
om shanti
om shanti

Saraswathie Govender

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Part 3

om sairam

the miracle still continues at 239 calden street actonville benoni.it
is so beautiful and inspriational that words cannot express the things
that swami can do-is is my satguru and my avarthar and i will not ever fail

the vibuthi is still continuing and the honey from the ganesha still
fills every single day-every photo that is left by devotees is blessed with
vibuthi-the whole room-ceiling is covered with vibuthi.the walls have
new prints of swamis hands and there is still kungu on the walls-the
vibuthi never stops --at this very moment the vibuthi is so high up on the
table that u can hardly see swamis face on the photo-the vibuthi has the
most strongest and breath taking smell of swamis presence.i am so happy
that swami is with us and that i have found my guru at last.i want to
thank all those people that believed in the story that i wrote about
swamis leelas after all -whoever believes in swami will never doubt his
miracles he his omnipresent and omnicient my avathar -roy naidoo is going to
have lutchmee pooja and he is also going to celebrate swamis birthday at
his home.we do not know what else swami has in store for us.roy naidoo
has now given approx.25 to 30 thousand people vibuthi-and yet it still
carries on.roy and i saraswathie would like to thank all those people
that called us from all over the word to witness this leela of swamis.

roy naidoo cell no.0725849758

oom shanti oom shanti oom shanti


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Part 4

Oom Sairam to all

I Saraswathie Govender would like to inform u all that Swamis
Sathiya Sai Bababs leelas still continues at 239-Caladen Street
Benoni.With the grace of Swami the gentleman Roy and his two children
have now been given a room and kitchen in the main of 239 caladen

The garage that they have lived in has now become Swamis house

The vibuthi continues every single day without fail-the walls-ceiling
and photos are covered with with vibuthi,manja and kungu.The honey
continued for about 3-weeks and last week it stopped for a few days-but on
wednesday my husband I went to practice songs for thursday service-Roy,my husband Pragaladhan,and his two children noticed that the Ganesha
was wet with honey,so we decided to wash the dry bowl and place ganesha
back in the bowl-and then roy decided to feed ganesha some milk-he took
a tea spoon of milk and placed at Ganesha trunk and in the name of Oom
Sri Sathiya Sai Baba ,the milk dissappeared into Ganeshas trunk and we
looked behind Ganesha but there was no milk milk to be seen-Swami has
most definitely drank up the milk-our Swami is my God and my Avarthar and
He has proven to us all many a times that He his omnipresent and
omnicient,I touched Ganesha 3 times and said Swami u must give us honey
tomorrow and the very next day(thursday)the bowl was full of the most
pure honey,he is my greatest God in the world and I have no doubt about
Swami Sathiya Sai Baba,my sutguru.Roy has had devotees from South
Africa that was on a visit to Prashanthi and there was a gentleman that came
to see Roy on tuesday last week and he brought with him a few photos of
Swami and stuck on and wall of Swamis new home,and he told Roy that Swami has
told all His devotees that He is in 239-Caladen Street Actonville
Benoni in South Africa and there is no need for them to come so far and see

This is most amazing and we are overjoyed and have no words to describe
the joy and happiness that all of us are going through.Swami has given
a few white strings this weekend,it just appeared on the vibuthi,
whilst people are standing right there-they cannot see Him -but He is
there,thousands of devotees and other religious groups have visited
Swamis new home-we are having lutchmee pooja on the 19-08-2005-starting
8am-and service from 7pm to 9pm-i know that Swami will bless us with red
strings I have faith and trust in Him and I know that He will never let His
devotees down.I Saraswathie Govender pray and plead to Swami that He must
show us that He will give us red strings on lutchmee pooja day and also
give us the strength and courage to make this occasion a smooth and
successful one.Roy wants to thank Swami for all the blessings that He
has given to him -and that even though he is unemployed-Swami has given him
so much more and his faith and trust in Swami is even more stronger that
ever-and that he will continue doing Swamis work until death do him

I just want to say to Sri Swami Sathiya Sai Baba my Bhavagaan thank u
giving me the strength and courage to sing to him and I love to sing for
u my Swami.We love u Swami and we have faith and belief that U will
always remain in your new home in Jbh.South Africa.
Thank u Swami thank u Swami thank u Swami

Oom Shanti Oom Shanti Oom Shanti

Saraswathie Govender
Address of Swami new home:
239 Caladen Street
Contact Roy Naidoo

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Sai Ram,
I live in Malawi.My family had been to Johannesburg on 2nd August to visit Roy Naidoo's house after reading the miracles which were happening in Benoni.It was a thrilling experience.I've clicked photos as well.It was a wonderful experience.Sai Ram,

Asha Rao
email: gautamasha@...

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Part 5

Miracles continue at Oom Sri Bhavagaan Sathiya Sai Babas new home
239-Caladen Street Actonville Benoni Johannesbury South Africa.

Roy Naidoo has celebrated Lutchmee Pooja on friday from 5am until about
10pm-he was preparing parsad at about 1am when he felt Swamis presence
around him-but he mediated Swamis name and carried on making the

He started his Lutchmee Pooja at 5am and devotees started coming from
very early hours of the morning-Roy bought red strings(knitting wool)
for his devotees and tied on their hands on Lutchmee day.I asked him(why
knitting wool and not red cotton)he said to me that if Swami gives
strings for Lutchmee pooja it would be different from his-(some people say
that he places all these miracles that are happening)that is why
he bought wool the day went on well and we had a very devoted family
(Mr.Hemraj,his wife and their 2 little daughters)from Midrand Jbh who
had come to render bhajans from 6pm to 7pm-at about 7 pm Roy Naidoo
was feeling a bit restless-he kept drinking water-whilst sitting
for bhajans-he got up for fresh air and sat at the entrance with other
devotees for some fresh air.

A lady who was neat to him noticed the was
restless and she told him to go inside sit at Swamis feet.The place was
very full of devotees.Hemraj and his family wrer sitting right in front
of Swamis feet-had just got up to go out-the space that they left was
available for Roy to sit in front of Swami feet.Roy asked his daughter
Krystal for some vibuthi water to drink-as he drank the water he held
his tummy-a devotee kuveshnee and dhanalutchmee naidoo to help roy go
inside as they noticed was not well.As they held him up -Roy fell flat on the
floor at Swamis feet-Deon Naidoo and Vikesh(devotees of swamis)ran to
help him up-but he got up on his own and started taking out little gold
Ganesha -it was Oom Sri Swami Sathiya Sai Babas omnipresence-Roy walked
around and gave devotees Ganesha lingums from his mouth to the palms of
peoples hands-there was about 9 Ganesha lingums that came out of his
mouth the ram bhajans group was singing with utmost devotion and lots of
adults and children got into trance form whist this miracle of Swamis was

Six year old Dinolin Naidoo(sings gauri ganesh every week in
service)was praying with his hands together for Swami eyes got in a trance form-11
yr old kryseen got in trance form and little boy from ram bhajands got
into  trance-a 22 year old young girl-from Benoni-who is a totally and
absolutely devoted to Mahalutchmee got into a trance in front of mother
Lutchmees picture-Swami was has given us Shiva rings ,red lutchmee
strings and Baba pendants in gold --it just appeared in the sacred vibuthi that
has been manifesting ever since the 5 august 2005.It is non-stop ever
since this day.

A very unusual thing happened to an 18 yr old girl-as
bhajans were on he felt a bit dizzy and went outside for fresh air-
a few minutes later she felt better and came inside -she just stood
against a wall in front of Swamis very big picture and stared at directly
into his eyes -she was completely still standing with her hands in the
form of prayer-but never took her eye out of Swamis picture.Her
eye-ball and her body never moved for about 10 minutes-jusy tears rolling from
the corner of her eyes-i tried to give her vibuthi water to drink-but
she never responded.I then took her into the bedroom and put her on the
bed,she still stared to the ceiling-i held her close to me and fed her
swamis vibuthi water to drink.After she drank the water she burst out
crying to me and telling us that Swami was alive in the picture that
she was staring at and that his eyes were in her eyes and she felt and
that he was in her body-that is why she could not move-she says that
from that moment -she believes in Swami for the rest of her life.
And she will never ever forget the experienced for the rest of her

Bhajans carreid on and people were fed parsads and at 9pm we had an hr
bhajans-that nite when Roy went to bed he was in a bit of pain-and he
sleeps with his son -at about 2am he felt for his son head to hold
onto-but to his suprise he felt Swami hair-he got up quickly and switched
the light on to look for his son -Kryseen was fast asleep far away from
him -but he could not see Swami.The next morning when Roy awoke from bed he
had no pains at all-he says hat Swamis has taken his pains away.He says
he will never fail Swami no matter what -because swami has never failef
him ever.

We are celebrating Krishna Jaistami on friday 26-08-2005 from 6pm to

We thank u Swami for being omnipresent and for never letting your
devotees down.We love Swami and i will never ever fail u not matter what
trials and tribulations u put me through.

Oom Shanti -Oom Shanti-Oom Shanti

Thanking you
Saraswathie Govender
Roy Naidoo
239 Caladen Street Actonville
Cell -072-584-9758 

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Oom Sairam to all

Swamis leelas continues
239-Caladen Street Actonville-Johannesburg

I would like to thank Oom Sri Swami Sathiya Sai Baba for being
omnipresent on Lutchmee pooja day-19-08-2005;Roy Naidoo started
Lutchmee pooja from 5am until about 11pm
bhajans started at 5-30pm.lots of devotees attended this auspicious

At about 7pm swami gave us red strings,gold Shiva rings Sai pendants.
Roy Naidoo took out small little gold lingums out of his mouth-actually
it was Swamis himself,Roy did not know what happened whilst this was
happening to him,there was about 9 Ganeshas that came out.We had a 18 yr
old girl that saw Swami really and truly alive in very big picture that
was stuck on the wall.She says that his eyes were real and she could
not move off the picture for about 10 minutes.We all felt his
omnipresence and we love u Swami-we know that U are at your new home-U haven
proven to us many a times-i thank U Swami for making Lutchmee pooja -a most wonderful experience to us all.

We are celebrating Krishna Jaistami on friday 26-08-2005 from 6pm to
midnight.All are welcome to and and take part in bhajans.

Shanti Shanti Shanti
Swamis Home in Jbh
Contact-Roy Naidoo
239-Caladen Street

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Part 6

Oom Sairam

Oom Sri Bhavagaan Sathiya Sai Vabas leelas still continues
at His new home in 239-Caladen Street Actonville Benoni
Johannesburg -South Africa.

Since the 5-july-2005 Swami has given us vibuthi that is
manifesting every single day on a small little table in
front of Swamis photo.The vibuthi comes from the palms of Swamis
hands.Everyday it heaps high up everyday almost covering the face
of Swami in the picture.Roy gives out vibuthi to thousands of people
everyday -but still Swamis continuosly fills up the table again.Swami
is omnipresent and omnicient and it is a most devine feeling to just
sit in Swami new home and pray.The honey appears from the trunk of
a brass ganesha that Roy has worshipped for many years.The bowl of
honey fills up almost everyday.The Shridi Baba statue fills up with
kungu everyday.The more Roy gives out to devotees the more appears.
We have bought Swami a chair and a cushion on Krishna Jaistami day.
On the third day Swami rested His lotus feet on the cushion.

A very unusual leela happened yesterday morning(19-09-2005)the heap
of vibuthi is no more a heap,Swami has now rested his lotus feet on the
vibuthi that appears on the table.I was so overjoyed last night when
I went inside swamis home -I almost cried with joy that Swami has
actually left his footprints on the vibuthi.
Swami, u are my satguru and my avarthar my belief in u is stronger each
day-Swami thank you for always answering my prayer-and for always
showing me some kind of sign that u are listening to me.

I would like to ask Swami to give Roy Naidoo the strength and energy
and keep him strong and fit in doing Swamis work daily-and also
knowing that he is unemployed -that u provide him and his children every single
day with shelter and food and water and his daily needs, Swami I also
ask that u give us all (your devotees)the strength to make every single
prayer and Sai Service a sucess and that u will bond us all to make your home
a place of unity and divinity.

Shanti Shanti Shanti
further info.
Contact-Roy Naidoo
239-Caladen Street Jbh

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Part 7

Oom Sairam
Swamis leelas continues at 239 Caladen Street Actonville Jbh.

Firstly I would like to thank Swami with my heart and soul for all
the new Sai devotee friends that I have got ever since I wrote to the
Sai website of (miracles in Jbh)almost everyday devotees write to me
and praise our Avarthar of all the most miracalous ways that Swami has
changed their lives.

Since the 5-July 2005 Swami has given us Vibuthi(sacred ash)at His
new home in 239 Caladen Street,Roy Naidoo has given almost 100-000
little packets of Vibuthi to people all over the world.He has received
letters from Usa.Canada,Dubai,India,and many other places.Roy Naidoo
has also posted Vibuthi to all those who requested him to do so.The more
vibuthi Roy gives out the more,the more Swami provides.

2 weeks ago we had mr,Gopal Naidoo(a devotee of Swamis whom Swami had
given back his life)had come to Swamis new home and given us a
discouse, just before the discourse he took a white cloth(size of an hankerchief)
and placed it on the right hand side of Swamis chair.He then took a
flower that was on the Vibuthi and rubbed it onto the white cloth.He
then gave the flower to me as I was sitting in front of him.He started his
discourse and never told us why he placed the white cloth on Swamis

A few days later he phones me to ask if the cloth was still on Swamis
chair,(I said yes it is right were u places it)he told me that i must
tell Roy not to move the cloth-because Swami is going to leave His prints on
them.The very next day when I went to visit the first thing I did was
look at the white cloth on Swamis chair-and I was overjoyed to see the
cloth with 2 of Swamis lotus feet covered in red kungum.

When I reached home I immediately phoned mr.Gopal Naidoo to tell him
what he told me was so true and that Swami had not not failed him.He
was in tears and said that Swami had answered his prayers.He asked me to
leave the cloth on the chair and he will be back on thursday to give
give a discourse to us during bhajans.

On thursday last week he took out the white cloth and showed us all of
what the Avarthar has done,and he assured each and every one of us that
if we took a white cloth and placed on the right hand side os Swamis
chair,and prayed with devotion,after a few days ,Swami would definitely
leve his prints on the cloth.He was a hundred percent that Swami would
not let down his word.

On Sunday morning,2-10-2005a devotee and her daughter went to Swamis
home and had a few bhajans,and when she was about to leave ,she deciced to take
of the white shawl that she was wearing and left it on the right-hand side
of Swamis chair,she prayed and said show me that u have answered my
prayer and she left.I went to pray on sunday evening and I saw the white shawl
on the chair-(Roy told me a devotee had left it on Sunday mornin_
Swami,and she left to go home.On tuesday the evening when I went to
pray Roy had immediately pointed out to the cloth on Swamis chair,(he said-
look what Swami has done)O was overjoyed to see that Swami had left
a print of both his hands on the cloth,in red kungum.Swami is the
greatest and I will never doubt Him in any way-He has proven His omnipresence in
so many ways.Another devotee has put a hankerchief on Swamis chair on

With the grace of Swami Roy Naidoo has been sponsored a ticket to
India-he will be leaving on the 1-november 2005 to Prashanti-he is so very
sure that Swami wants to see him-the reason for his visit is to get
a certificate direct from Swami so that we can build a Sai Centre and
a home for Roy Naidoo.

Swami will grant us our wishes (says Roy Naidoo)he is one hundred
percent certain that the Avarthar will give us what we want.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


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Part 8

Swamis leelas continues at 239-Caladen Street
Jbh,South Africa

Oom Sairam to one and all

Since the 5-07-2005 Om Sri Bhagavaan Sathya Sai Baba leelas continue
untill this day.Swami has been manifesting vibuthi(sacred ash)which
seems to be coming from the palms of Swamis hands,from a picture of
Swami that is placed on a small table that Roy Naidoo has worshipped
for many many years.

Swamis has given us raisans,kungum,manga,honey,white strings and red

Lots of peolpe from all over the world have come to witness the leela
of our Avarthar.Roy Naidoo has given over a hundred thousand packets of
vibuthi(sacred ash)to many many people.

A true and very faithful devotee of Swamis(Mr.Gopal.Naidoo)has come
over to Swamis new home and rendered many inspiring and divine discourses
during thursday bhajans.

About a month ago-Gopal Naidoo has placed a white handerchief on the
right hand side of Swamis chair and he told us all that Swami will
most definitely leve his prints on them.With a few days Swami had
left two of His most devine lotus feet on them in red.

Ever since that day he told each and every one of us that if we pray
to Swami with true faith and love -and anyone of us can leave a white
cloth on the right hand side of Swamis chair-we will most definitely
see a print on it.

Many devotees have brought handerchiefs and left it on the right hand
side of Swamis chair-(one handkerchief at a time)and after a few days
Swamis has left a print of his hands on them in red.

It is truely inspirational to see the omnipresence of Swami.

The kungu fills in the statue of a Shridi Baba that is placed on the
nest to the vibuthi and also the cushion that Swamis rest his lotus
feet on is also filled with kungu almost everyday.

I love u Swami and I know that U are my living God,my loving God and
God in human form.U are my precious gem and shall noe ever fail U.

Shanti Shanti Shanti

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