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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Jewels from afar

One evening in Brindavan, we were all gathered at Swami's feet, listening with rapt attention as He told us a fascinating story of an artisan's love for Lord Krishna. He described a magnificent gold statue that the artisan had made of his beloved Lord. He said the statue had been designed by divine inspiration. Lord Krishna, Himself, had guided every movement of the artist's hand during its creations.

Suddenly, Swami asked us: "Would you like to see it?" "Oh, yes!" we eagerly answered in union. Swami waved His hand and in it appeared a resplendent gold statue. Many brilliant precious gems adorned Krishna's head and body. The graceful figure sparkled and glowed as though alive. The precious statue was then passed around and each person was able to hold and admire it. When it returned to Swami, He held it in His hand a moment. Then it disappeared.

Swami then told us a story about a treaty which India had made with another country. He explained that the entire treaty had been carved on a huge emerald that was presently being kept in the same museum as the Krishna statue. "I will get it for you," He said. When he stopped waving His hand, there appeared in His palm a very large emerald. We were all breathless! What an extraordinary, magical evening this was! We passed the emerald among ourselves slowly, not wanting there rare moments to end.

"Pass it quickly," Swami gently prodded us, "I have to return it to the museum before the guard realizes it is gone."

- Diana Baskin

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