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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami materialised a gold ring with green stone
Sai Ram. 

First I would request you to kindly read the wonderful letter, forwarded hereunder, whihc was received from “GR”. Very nice. After going through this, please surf below to read my supplementary message relating to the Green Ring.


 brightwhitecloud@aol.com wrote:

To: SaiDISC@yahoogroups.com
From: brightwhitecloud@...
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 11:49:18 EST
Subject: [SatGuru Discussion] Gold ring with Green stone

He materialised a gold ring with a lage greenstone for Robert.

Sai Ram to All.

Swami materialised a gold ring with a large Green stone for a western sai devotee from our center 2 yrs. back and placed it on his LT. ring finger, over his wedding ring.

Last yr. Swami asked my husband if he wanted his old ring he was wearing on his LT. ring finger to be changed, and, when my husband said yes, HE tossed the old ring to everyone in the room to see and then took it back and blew on it 3 times and changed it to a gold ring with a very large GREEN stone and sent it around again for everyone to see. Then HE put it on my husband's RT. ring finger and told him, Bangaroo, wear it on the RT. ring finger.

This year in January Swami called our group for an interview. We were 8 in our group and there were 10 from other countries. HE materialised 2 Green rings at two different times and placed one on the RT. ring finger of a Russian and another on the RT. ring finger of an Indian (I don't know here
he is from). Swami did not speak either the significance of Green stone, or why Rt. or Lt. finger.

Does anyone know what Swami said about the Green ring? and also the significance of wearing it on the Rt. or Lt. ring finger? Thanks for your reply.

With Divine Love,

Sai Ram, again.

“GR” had mentioned that “Swami asked my husband”. I presume she is our dear sister. Anyway, she had desired to get some information on the Green Ring, and the Importance of keeping it in right hand finger. I shall narrate some experiences I had with Swami, which might give more insight to such Grace of our Loving Lord.

Years ago, some 7 years ago, I was directed by Swami to go into the interview room. Naturally my wife too walked over and joined me. Inside the interview room, Swami announced to other devotees who had also been blessed with the rare chance of interview, that “This man (pointing at me) is entering his 60th year birthday today, and I am going to conduct their wedding.  The announcement was very sweet.

(For more details you can read my book “Sri Sathya Sai Hrudaya Nivasi”, which is also available in my website: www.bombaysrinivasan.com

Swami created first a “Thirumangalyam” which I had to tie around the neck of my wife. Then Swami created a gold ring having large green stone in it. Swami gave it to my wife, and asked her to insert in my right hand ring finger. While she was inserting that ring, Swami was telling me, “This is an Emerald Ring. This is for peace, and you now need peace”.  How true it was!!

Years passed. I was attending to the Gold fixing job in Sai Kulwant Hall. Swami used to come over there for inspection. One day, Swami suddenly asked me, “Do you know why I had selected this colour (green) as a background for the Golden designs?”. I replied that I did not know and that we were only following Swami’s command. Swami caught hold of my hand, and pointing to the ring, which I was blessed with, Swami again asked, “Do you remember what I said, when I gave this ring?” I replied, “Swami, yes Swami I remember well.” Swami asked me to tell what Swami had said. I told, “Swami said, that this is Emerald and Emerald is for peace, and you now need peace”.

Swami smiled at me, and said, “Exactly. See many devotees come here. All are having some problem or other. Many of them are not having peace of mind. Some have problems on money, business, health, education, family problems, and so on. I cannot give emerald ring to  everybody. So what I have done? I have converted the entire Kulwant Hall into an Emerald Hall. All those who are sitting  here, will be receiving the shower of peace, even though they may not be aware of it. !!!!. See, I  am doing this only for the sake of the devotees!!!!”

This encounter with Swami was really wonderful. Instead of roaming around the streets and other places, and chit chatting with friends and others, it will be good for us to sit inside Kulwant Hall, as much time as possible, and try to absorb the peace rays which are showering on our heads.

Now our dear sister had asked about the importance of right hand. In Indian traditions, we use only right hand for any good and auspicious acts. Like serving food, giving something to somebody, and to receive something from somebody, to wave Arathi to Swami, to do Archana (Placing flowers) etc. etc, including eating food. As such right hand is supposed to be very auspicious, and hence Swami generally slips the rings on the right hand fingers.

Wonderful, isn’t it???

Sai Ram

Bombay Srinivasan

Source: http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/SaiGroup-BombaySrinivasan/message/130

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