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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Cancer Cured in a Strange Way

A family, Mr and Mrs K. R. K. Bhat lived in India in the 1940s. As was the custom with most Indian families, some particular Deity or aspect of God is worshipped. The husband preferred to worship the Avatar Krishna. His wife, Mrs Bhat carried on the tradition in her family of worshipping Lord Subramaniam. Daily, Mrs Bhat performed the ritual puja ceremony to Subramaniam in the household shrine room. In 1943 Mrs Bhat developed cancer of the uterus. Mrs Bhat's widowed mother was then living with the couple and told her son, "Lord Subramaniam cured your father of cancer without any operation. In the same way he will cure your wife." Such was the strength of her faith. The son and his wife agreed and so they decided to forego medical surgery.

The puja worship was intensified and carried out with the strictest attention to proper detail. Prayers were fervent and prolonged. The young wife remained in bed and her Mother in-law carried out the ritual worship. Six months passed and the young wife was growing gradually thinner and weaker.

Then one night in a semi sleep state, Mrs Bhat saw a large cobra circling the bed. She turned on the light and woke the mother in law but no snake was found in the room. When she turned out the light to go back to sleep, she again saw the cobra going around the bed. As soon as she became aware of the cobra it assumed the shape of Subramaniam as pictured in her shrine room. He floated above her and then pierced her chest with his spear weapon. Then he floated away, drawing her with him to the peak of a high rocky hill. She knelt down to him and touched his feet with her hands and forehead. Then he began to speak to her, asking if she wanted to stay with him or return back to the world, which she took to mean a choice between continuing to live or joining the spirit life. She thought of her husband and children and their need for her and answered that she would like to return to them.

Subramaniam said: "You are cured of your illness, and will soon grow strong. Throughout your life I will protect you and whenever you think of me, I will be there. Now you may return."

But Mrs Bhat did not know how to return so she asked. In answer he pointed to a long winding staircase that opened at her feet. She began to descend and then slowly awoke to find herself back in her own room. She told her mother in law and husband about her experience which she regarded as very sacred. From that very day the signs of cancer left her and she began to grow stronger each day. Soon she was carrying on a normal life only now she seemed to feel a deeper meaning to life. She began to help the poor and the needy. She reasoned that God had given her back her life so she was going to use it for the services of others.

Twenty years later, the family heard of Sathya Sai Baba and went to see him at his ashram. She was given a personal interview and Sai Baba told her: "I spoke to you long ago - twenty years ago." But she insisted this could not be true as it was her first visit to the Ashram. But Sai said to her: "Yes, yes, but I came to you when you were living in Mysore." And then he mentioned the street and city where she had lived when she had cancer and had the vision of Subramaniam.

He then walked partly up the staircase that led to his living quarters above the room they were in and told her to look down. She did so and immediately was struck by the sight in her vision so long ago of the staircase which she had descended to return back to her life in the world.

Next Sai Baba circled his hand as he does when materializing objects and he produced a photograph of himself in the chariot of Subramaniam with a cobra circling around him. Mrs Bhat was astounded and realized that God could assume any form at all. He had taken on the form of Subramaniam which she worshipped twenty years ago, and now here he was standing before her in the form of Sathya Sai Baba. She fell at his feet shedding tears of joy.

From a story which originally appeared in Sai Baba, Man of Miracles. By Howard Murphet. Published by Samuel Weiser, Inc. This book contains a wealth of stories about Sathya Sai Baba and his devotees.
Courtesy: http://www.cosmicharmony.com/Av/SatyaSai/SatyaSai.htm

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