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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles


Swami cancelled my cancer

Om Sri Sai Ram! Dear brother sisters. My name is Eshwar i am 23 years old, and I my family and I have been devotees of baba since 1986. Swami literally changed my life in every aspect. He has shaped me into the very person I am today. Every year that i go to parthi Swami always would call me in for an interview. I never knew why. I was not the greatest behaved kid at all. But when i asked swami that he said, "your heart is pure that is all i look at." So each interview swami would tell me how to act, and how to behave and what to eat and how to be healthy and just explained each human value down to the deepest meaning. He would teach me how to be a gentleman and to walk properly, how to talk. And most of all how to love myself. He told me that, you must love your self. If you dont love your self first and foremost, you wont love others. So when i was 13, swami called in for an interview. Might i tell you that every interview i had was a one on one interview with swami. So at the age of 13, swami called me in and started clapping. The reason is because swami knew my grades in school before i even did. I had gotten A's in all subjects and got the recognition of the state of New Jersey and by my principle. So We left for parthi the day after school ended, and i did not know my grades. Swami said " Bangaru, swami is very happy of your hard work, chaala santosham (in telugu, meaning very happy) I speak telugu so i could understand. He materialized a ring for me and said this will help you in every aspect of your life. So after that ring, i have never gottena grade lower than an A in all my classes till this day. But when i was 17, i was diagnosed with a Tumor sitting on my Cerebellem, a large massive tumor making its way down the brain step. it was spreading rapidly and the doctors told me tat it was very hard to treat and that surgery will end up in fatal results. I was given 3 months to live. But i knew that i was going to live for a long long time. I never took the doctors words seriously. That night swami came into my dream and told me to come to parthi now. So i told my parents what swami said and we all took the next flight out. I was there for 2 weeks and swami didnt call me once. He was testing my faith and my patience. After the 2nd week, swami came up to me where i was seated in the 3rd row and pointed at me and flipped his finger to go to the interview room. I was the only one called. After an hour. I was getting very tired due to my condition and the medicines. This big light walked into the room, of course it was swami. I was still very weak and he saw me struggling to sit up and saw my eyes were ready to fall asleep and i was dehydratedand not in great condition at all. Swami called for another chair for me sat me up like hes my mother and im his child. Fed me some sugar water, rubbed my face and he called out to me. " bangaru, Why fear when i am here, i wont leave you, swami will be here for you always." He fed me some fruit and materialized pink vibuthi and rubbed my head. well not only did he rub my head he hit my haed 3 times very very hard. But i didnt feel a single thing. All of a sudden i had all the energy in the world and was up and walking easily. my face brightened up and i was very much alert. Swami looked at me after and said, " the cancer is cancelled." And it was. he sent me to the hospital and i got an MRI of the brain, and there was no tumor what so ever. I went backt o dharshan 2 days later. and swami called me once again and i fell at swamis feet. I said swami thank you so very much. I cannot not thank you enough, there are no words. But i thank you. I said swami, if i had died, it would have been ok swami because i know that i would be with you. I started crying and thanked him deeply. So ever since then, ive been cancer free, no medicines nothing. I still go every year. This past year, swami called me in and told me to study medicine. My family and I now live in california, where i am going to medical school in months. so thats my miracle. Sairam!

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