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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Baba's miracle at Akhanda Bhajan

Nine families started an Akhanda Bhajan Mandali in 1944, consisting mostly of our relations. We had bhajans every thursday evening regularly. In 1946 , we requested swami to attend our first annual Akhanda bhajan, which He did. Swami stayed with us for full 24 hours of the bhajans. We had originally planned the Bhajans for about 150 people with our limited means. As Bhagavan attended the function, over 500 people attended, including several distinguished devotees who came with swami. We had a problemas to how to give prasadam to all of them, as we had not anticipated such a situation. We represented our problem to Swami. Baba with his merciful love, came to the kitchen and blessed the food. after the functionwas over we served Pongal to over 1000 people till the evening. it never got finished. This miracleis one of the earliest experiences in our lives, which is still green in our memory. We did this annual Akhanda Bhajan for twenty five years continuously. Once or twice Baba could not attend the function, but we took into account only the years when He attended.

Bhajans becomes global

In the year 1974, we celebrated the 25th year of our Akhanda Bhajan in the golden Jubilee Hall, Lalbagh. By then our Akhanda bhajan had become very popular and ever increasing numbers of people attended the function. Nearly 10.000 people attended the 1974 celebrations. Swami, in his concluding speech, declared that in future instead of our family conducting this akhanda bhajan, the entire world should conduct the bhajan on the same day . He materialised a Navarathamala and gave it to me as a benedictory blessing to our family.

From the book Sanathana Sarathi, page 128

from the chapter " five decades at the lotus Feet" from Dr.R.S.Padmanabhan.

Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust

Bhagavan's 70 th birthday.

In Sai love, Titia de Groot-Boelens,


Online source: http://sai_maa.tripod.com/diwali02/akhanda.htm

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