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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  "Your sister is crying before My photograph"

(Narrated by Shri. Ravi Kumar sir in one of the Trayee sessions)

The following incident happened in the late 1970's. Bhagavan had opened the boys hostel and the institute only 3 / 4 years before. Boys those days used to spend most of the time in Baba's physical presence apart form the college hours. It was during one such session that the incident described below took place.

As swami called the students near HIM, he pointed out to one student and said, "Your sister was crying before my photograph today". Stunned with such a revelation from Swami, the boy rushed towards Swami, eager to know if something had gone wrong.  Baba took him closer and said, "Tell your father that I am calling him and that he should come here as soon as possible". Still eager to know what the matter could be, the boy pressed on "Swami Is something wrong? What happened to her?"

"Nothing. No problem... You don't worry. I'm looking after her. Why then do you worry?" said Swami and assured him of everything being all right.

The boy's parents came and Swami called them for an interview. The boy too went in with them. Inside the interview room, Swami spoke to all assembled there and in the end asked this boy's family to go into the inner interview room.

As the boy's family settled in the inner interview room, Swami came and sat down in HIS chair. Swami called the boy's sister and asked her "Kaisa hai (How are you?). The girl curled herself at Swami's feet and replied " Swami ka grace se atcha hai (I am fine with Swami's grace.)". Swami then turned to the boy's father and asked "Bolo sir, Kya vichar hai? (Speak sir, What have you been thinking?)". The father spoke "Swami, aap ka ijazad hai to is ka shadi karane ki soch rahe hai...(Swami if you permit, We are thinking of getting her married"). "Han Han ... Janta hai yeh baat. Isiliye toh yeh roh rahi thi meri tasvir ke samne.... (Yes yes, I know, that is why she was crying before my photo)" replied Swami looking at the boy.

Hearing this, the girl looked up towards swami and.... started crying. Swami looked at the father again and said " Tum dono itna jaldi kyon karta hai? Usko abhi itcha nahi hai. (Why are you both in a hurry? She does not want it now". For a moment no one spoke, then Swami spoke again" Shadi bad mein rakh na (Keep the marriage later.)". Hearing this, the father spoke "Theek hai Swami.... Hamne socha ki itna atcha rishta aya hai... abhi shadi kar dete hai, bad me shayad aye na (As you say Swami, We only thought - such a good proposal may not come another time, so let us get her married now)".

Swami's clothes were now fully wet with the girl's tears. HE looked at her and said " pehle iski Doctor ki padhai khatam ho jane do, phir dekhenge... Parivarik Dharm beech aya to padhai begad sakti hai....(First let her become a Doctor, as she wants to be. Family responsibility may be an impediment in the completion of her studies)".

Swami briefly glanced at the parents, the boy and then shifting his attention to the girl said "Tumko kaisa ladka chahiye (What sort of a boy do you want?)". The girl was taken by surprise but before she could answer Swami spoke again " Doctor ko doctor hi atcha hai. Hum doctor ko hi bheje ga. (For a doctor Doctor only will be a good match. Ishall send one.). Swami then held her hand and said "Tumhara shadi hamare sar par. Chinta na karo (Your marriage is now my responsibility Don't worry)".... So saying swami got up and left the room leaving the whole family star-struck.

The family, especially the girl left elated from Parthy. As soon as she completed her internship, Swami called her and arranged for her marriage. Even before she completed her studies, Swami had selected a boy for her, so that by the time she completed her studies, other formalities could be worked out faster.

Swami, as He always mentions is our DIVINE MOTHER. How meticulously, HE took care of the matter just like a mother pays attention to maters relating to her child. This episode also proves one more thing... not a single thought / a desire is unknown to HIM. He gives us what we want in the process of making us ready to take from HIM what HE wants to give us.

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