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Miracles of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  A woman from Australia and her two children

Here is an interesting tale which one of the devotees send to me from Mumbai. This was a story narrated to this devotee when he visited Parthi for Paduga Pooja. Some devotees from south India started Paduga Pooja, where a lot of devotees get silver forms of foot prints(called Padugas) and keep this in Parthi for Bhagwan for blessings. After swami blesses these Padugas they take back the same to respective places. This started in 1995 by a person called Subramanyam Chettior. After his father passed away in the early part of this year Sri Srinivasan Chettior has taken the responsibility of this program.

Bhagawan in His 1996 Padhuga Mahotsav had given a divine Proclamation that wherever Sai Padhugas are worshipped, Swami Himself would be there, in their homes. The Sai Padhuga Family members feel the divine presence of Bhagavan Baba in their Pooja room blessing them!

Sri Srinivasan Chettior narrated a miraculous incident happened Signifying the glory of Padhuga, which he claimed to have told Bhagavan Baba personally.

One lady from Austria was pregnant. But she was feeling uneasiness in her abdomen and consulted her doctors. On examination the doctors told her that she was bearing two children but the children were disproportionately grown and they were not equal in size, One child was very big and the other child very small! In the circumstances, normal delivery was impossible.

The only remedy available was to take away the two children, terminating the pregnancy as otherwise the lives of children and as well as the lady were at stake. All the expert doctors gave the same opinion. But the lady wanted to have her children alive in good shape and the doctors reiterated that it was absolutely impossible. She developed an urge in her to rush to Puttaparthy to touch the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba and place her Prayer.

But her health did not permit her to do so. Now she remembered that one of her friends was having Sri Sai Padhuga in her home given by Sri Chettiar. She requested her friend and brought the Sai Padhugas to her home. She did some thing strange. She tied both the divine Sai Padhugas on her Abdomen and constantly Prayed Bhagavan to give her children intact, healthy and equal in size. Her prayers continued for 20 days. Her prayers were deep from her heart and sincere. After some time, she had a comfortable feeling in her abdomen; her breath was uniform and comfortable. She immediately Consulted her doctors. The doctors were taken aback with unbound surprise (with a trace of confusion also ) and informed her that the children are now safe, equal in size and in good shape. Ultimately the delivery of the twin kids was safe and normal delivery was possible. Both the children are now healthy, cheerful and proportionate in size. He further announced the lady showed her twin children to his beloved father when she had visited Prasanthi Nilayam during the last year Sri Sai Padhuga Pooja! His father very glad and informed the lady that her deep devotion and sincere faith in Sai Padhugas had saved the lives of the mother and children.

The devotee's father explained this to my friend in Parthi and he sent a mail to me.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/47

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