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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Who performed the surgery?

A man suffering from a number of ailments got his heart examined in the super speciality hospital. His condition was extremely distressing. Doctors felt that he was in no position to undergo the strain of surgical interventions and refused to do anything. The patient began to pray fervently to Swami. He prayed to Bhagawan that he should somehow get the operation done and restore him to normal health. Bhagawan heard his prayers. He talked to the doctors and enquired how this particular patient was doing. They explained that he was suffering from several complaints and their opinion, it was not a fit case for operation. Swami said, "Go ahead and perform the operation. Nothing untoward will happen. I will oversee it". The operation was performed and to the utter disbelief of doctors, it was successful. Some days later, Swami enquired about his health. The doctors informed Him that the operation was very successful and that the patient is in excellent condition.

It is a usual practice at the super speciality hospital to take the video films of operations performed in complicated cases. Swami asked the doctors to view this particular operation. They were surprised when they did so; they found around the operation table Swami in several forms and resembling each one of them. Relieved of their pride and ego, they realized that it was Swami and Swami alone, who was performing operations and that they were only incidental, mere tools in His divine hands.

With utter humility they bowed to the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan.

Source: JV Sastry, Tapovanam, Pg. 214-215

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