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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami's Healing Hand

Mrs. Dee Lampman, Yachats, Oregon, USA 

I have been asked to write an article for your newsletter, which explains how myself and my family came to know Sai Baba. I hope that through His grace, this story may bring hope and inspiration to others. 

I am 38 years old, a mother of two sons, ages 12 and 16, and a wife to a treasured husband. Two years ago, in September of 1994, I was involved in an accident while riding my bicycle. A diagnosis was made two months later, that I was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The accident brought about many symptoms that had previously been dormant. Up until this time I had been suffering since my teens, with depression. In the past ten years my mental concentration became affected, and also I developed various subtle physical symptoms as well. It is possible that I had this disease since eleven years of age. After this accident, I had developed uncontrollable pain, and quickly began to lose the ability to walk. By December, I was using crutches, and we purchased my first wheelchair. The following spring, in May 1995, I was admitted into the hospital to have my gallbladder removed. It was seemingly a simple procedure. Once again the trauma to my body caused a serious worsening of the Multiple Sclerosis. My pain medicine was switched to morphine. I became weaker, and after spending six weeks in the hospital, I went home to a hospital bed in our living room, with home skilled care.   

I was a candidate for nursing home placement at that point, but my family took the burden for my care. Six months went by with some improvement, although I was still taking morphine for uncontrollable pain. I was starting to use a walker again, but was primarily wheelchair bound most of the time. I had decided to take my younger son and his best friend for a shopping trip at a local mall. We used a public disabled transport bus for this excursion. On our way home, we were involved in an accident. The boys were unhurt, but I was badly jostled. As a result of this accident which occurred in January of 1996, the Multiple Sclerosis began affecting the "autonomic nervous system". This is the part of the body which basically controls all life functions, so my health was in serious trouble. The end of the next month, in February, I found myself truly dying from the disease and complications. I was unable to move, raise my head, barely swallow, had limited vision, heart, blood pressure, and liver problems, and unrelenting pain. I remained at home, as this was my wish. 

During the next two days, at the beginning of March, I made a few brief phone calls to friends, saying good-bye. I have kept in contact with many friends over the years, and they knew the seriousness of my illness. Now I needed their support and prayers more than ever. I had become a name on so many different prayer lists: individuals and entire groups of people. (After my recovery, I realized that this number amounted to over 2,000 people praying for me, who were from all different faiths and backgrounds.) 

During late February, another close friend, whom I had known since my teen years, was in India, on her first trip to see Swami (Sathya Sai Baba). I knew that she had taken a trip to see her "guru", but at that time, I was totally unfamiliar with Sai Baba. On her first day, she was seated in the front row during darshan. She handed Swami a letter, which included a request for help for me. Two weeks later, she and her group were granted a personal interview. She again remembered me to Swami, asking for his help for my suffering. She was not anticipating a healing or a cure from my disease. 

I experienced a "near death" episode during the first week of March. I went through an agonizing recovery period, but it was a very rapid process. Soon, I was no longer on my death bed, and began to have urges to get up and walk for a few feet, from my wheelchair. My body no longer required all the medicines I was taking, and the healing was underway. I did not know exactly what was happening to me, nor did my family or physician. On April 18, 1996, I walked into my doctor's office, and after a complete physical exam, I was declared in full remission from the disease.  

The very next day, a package arrived in the mail from my long time friend who had returned from India. She sent us a package of Vibhuti, a book about Swami, and the "healing" photo of him, holding  the  golden heart lingam. Both my husband and I at once realized that Swami was the receiver of all those prayers going out for me, and that through His divine grace, I had been cured from this terrible disease, for which modern science acknowledges, "no known cure." Our family attended Bhajans for the first time, a month later.  

There is an overwhelming sense of "coming home" for me, since I have known of SathyaSai Baba.  He has filled my emptiness, and spread his love and grace over me, and over my family. Some day we hope to travel to India, to see His physical form, but for now, we have already experienced His touch and Love, in a most powerful way.

Sourced: Canadian Sathya Sai Newsletter, March, 1997

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