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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami in Bosnia

When Russia attacked Bosnia many Bosnians fled to neighbouring countries. The refugees were sheltered in specially built camps awaiting return of peace. A Bosnian woman, ardent devotee of Baba felt in her duty to do some seva to the unfortunate refugees. She carried baskets of bread and packets of biscuits in the van over a long distance and distributed them in the camps. She also gave each of them a packet of vibhuthi and a photograph of Swami. While eating, they were looking at Swami's photograph and talking something among themselves in their own language. She could not follow what they talked to each  other.

She was inquisitive to know, in particular, what they said while looking at Swami's image. She therefore sought help from the driver of her van. He went to them and returned after a while. He told her what they were telling to each other, "This man (in picture) has been giving us bread and biscuits everyday. But today he gave them to her and asked her to distribute them.

She was very much surprised to hear these words. In a meeting held during the summer training classes in Brindavan in 1996, that Bosnian woman was permitted by Swami to speak. She narrated the above incident and added, "If we take one step forward for doing good, Swami will be there ahead of us all the time".

Source: Thapovanam , J V Sastry. Pg. 277-278

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