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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami miracle

This is a story of an event that happened some time ago.  People are talking about it today after reading Dr. Goldstein's recent letter to Sai brothers and sisters.

Dr.Goldstein has informed us that Swami saved lot of lives in WTC. Here with I am giving example of his incident.

Dr. Goldstein was in Prasanthi Nilayam some years ago. Swami took him in the car touring around and winding up at the gokulam. They were driving rather slowly, looking at the new buildings on both sides, and suddenly Swami remarked "Goldstein, this is the last time you will be seeing me". Dr. Goldstein was very startled and he said "No, no Swami. It cannot be. Swami, you said I would be coming back in November for the birthday". So Swami was silent and thoughtful for a moment.then He said, "All right, Goldstein you will return".

What happened next happened on the airplane when Goldstein and his wife were on their way back to America. When they got to Karachi, terrorists boarded the plane and held all the passengers hostage. Mrs.Goldstein and a stewardess were standing at the door as the terrorists entered. They put a gun to the stewardess head and pointed a machine gun at Mrs.Goldstein. Quite frightened, Mrs.Goldstein with her hands held together as if in prayer, looked at the terrorists and kept saying out loud "om sai ram, om sai ram," and miraculously she escaped unharmed. When the terrorists demands were not met, they started to randomly shoot passengers. During the ensureing panic and confusion, a plane door suddenly opened, and Goldstein with complete disregard for his own safety, helped wounded people to escape down the chute. It was a very courageous act.

Godstein came back to Pasanthi Nilaym shortly after the incident to thank Swami for saving his life. Swami then explained to him that when he said Goldstein this is the last time you will be seeing me., He was seeing Goldstein being killed in the terrorist attack. He saw Goldstein being murdered by the terrorists. then He told Goldstein, "Goldstein, I changed the picture". Swami changed the picture and therefore the whole sequence of events changed. Extraordinary happenings.

This shows to us Swami looks after our lives. He says if you turn to me and have devotion to me, I will take care of you.

Bhagwan says Sai is love, to trust him means freedom from all anxiety, fear and doubt. In the Bhagvad Gita, Krishna says, to those people who worship me, alone, thinking of no other, to those ever-harmonious, I bring full security and attend to their needs.

Once you surrendered to Swami, you will gain his grace. Whoever you are be it in the town, a village, a forest in the sky, I will be your refuge. Come surrender to me. That is the command of the Lord and that is also His promise. Once you are His, He will shelter you and protect you from all harm. That is Swami's omniscience.

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