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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami Materializes a Fruit

You must have watched one gentleman wearing a proper Andhra, South Indian dress, called a dhoti. That gentleman is a big contractor and builder and a great devotee of Bhagavan. He didn’t have a very high education, but intuitively he felt like writing a few compositions. It turned out that he wrote many poems about the all-important epic, the Bhagavatham.

Bhagavatham is a very important text, full of devotion. Bhagavatham is a text filled with stories of devotees and the power of God. On the one hand, it tells of the power of God. On the other hand, it narrates the experiences of the devotees.

Bhagavan always thinks of the spirit (feeling) behind everything. Bhagavan will never go by the scholarship of a person alone. He doesn’t want scholarly people. He doesn’t want knowledgeable people. He doesn’t want men of letters. He wants men of the Spirit. He wants those of the Spirit, who have sincere feelings behind everything that they do. This is much more important than exposition. So, He picked up a liking for this man and wanted him to read a few sentences aloud from his own writings. This poet did it ecstatically!

At the end, Bhagavan said, "Everything that you read, all those things mentioned in Bhagavatham, are so sweet and nectarine that you cannot say, ‘This can be omitted.’ Nor can you say, ‘You can bypass these lines.’ Every sentence is full of nectar. Every sentence has to be read." Then He said, "You know how sweet it is?" In so telling, He waved His hand and materialized a fruit this size, the likes of which I have never seen.

Being a student of botany, I must confess that I do not know of its taxonomy or morphology. Morphology means its external shape and taxonomy means its group. Well, I just don’t know. I saw that fruit for the first time! He broke it into two and gave one half to that poet. The other half He made into two pieces and gave to two important guests, the present and past vice-chancellors of the university.

He wanted them to eat it right there. Being commanded to do so, they ate it immediately. They began eating. This man who had read a few sentences of his poems was so thrilled and excited! He could not control his expression. He said, "Bhagavan, I have eaten many fruits throughout my life. But this type of fruit I have never tasted! All the fruits I have eaten I taste on my tongue only. However, after eating this fruit, now I feel the sweetness even in my stomach and in my intestines!"

Baba: "Is it that sweet?"


Bhagavan said, Bhagavatham is that same kind of sweetness."

Well, I always take some risks, as I told you. I said, "This kind of fruit I have not seen in the surrounding areas." That’s what I said, hoping not to be too risky. But it was! (Laughter)

Immediately He said, "What nonsense you say! Why do you say, 'in the surrounding areas'? It is not here on earth and not anywhere in the world."

"Oh! That’s why it is unique Swami!" Somehow I could save myself.

It was so unique.

Source: Anil Kumar's Sunday Talk on March 25, 2001
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