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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami leaves His body and comes back ten minutes later

(Again a Trayee experience, happened when one of our sirs Devsen was a student)

We, students, have great experiences at Prashanthi and Vrindavan. But the most memorable experiences have been at TRAYEE BRINDAVAN, the official residence of SAI BABA, where we spent the closest moments with HIM...

SAI BABA during the sessions in Trayee is most informal, asking students individually about their personal problems, their families and other things. It was during such a session that the following incident, which shocked the students beyond measure, giving them an indication of the kind of phenomenon SAI BABA is, took place.

The students had assembled in TRAYEE and Baba was on HIS way from HIS room to take HIS seat. Before that session Baba had given a discourse on the purpose of life -- the need for an individual to experience his divine SELF, only after such an experience does a person reach the end of the cycle of birth and death. As a part of the discourse Baba also asked the assembly to keep reminding themselves of they (all of them) being a part of the divine from which everything emerged and everything will one day merge into.

As soon as Baba came into the room, He looked around at everyone and stood silently for sometime. Then HE started asking each one those present there, "who are you... who are you". Surprised at such a question, many replied " Swami, raja ... Swami Shyamkumar" etc, many others said remembering the discourse of Swami, telling all to remind themselves of they being a part of the divine, said "Swami, I am Sai Baba".

"Swami, Any drop taken out of the ocean has the same quality as that of the ocean. Since we all have emerged form you Swami, we are all same as you." so saying they justified their answer. Baba then said, "All right if you really are Sai Baba, then leave your body and show me.". Taken aback at such a command from Baba, the students did not reply back. Obviously none present there could ever think of doing what SAI BABA had asked tem to do. "Come on, Come on", He commanded them back. Finding the silence still pervading in the hall, He said " As you experience your divine self, you will have all powers given to you to perform do acts that are above the laws of nature."...So saying He got up all of a sudden and said " SEE I AM GOING TO LEAVE MY BODY", a moment later He collapse into the chair, leaving everyone in the room shell-shocked.

Commotion, pandemonium, confusion... Hell seems to have broken loose. Almost all the people assembled there stood up in their places and tried to rush towards Baba’s fallen body. As this happened, one of the college teachers pushed ahead, trying to control the mayhem requested everyone to stay back and not harm Baba's body by thrusting themselves on the body. It took sometime for the crowd to be bought under control as people were being convinced to go back and sit in their places. As the crowd settled, Baba's personal doctor was called in and what he found sent shivers within everyone.

Baba's heart had stopped beating; there was absolutely no pulse beat in his arm and the breathing (after noting the air movement under His nostrils) was found to have stopped completely. Hearing this, each and everyone present there started praying to Swami to come back into His body for it was too much to expect for them to live in the world without HIS guidance and presence.

Some suggested that Bhajans be sung and slowly the chants arose which later became full throated. Five minutes later, the bhajans had become louder and the crowd was already into their 2nd song with everyone concentrating on Baba's body looking for signs of movement. If there were any, they hadn't noticed.

The third song got over and as the 4th song was being sung, those in front noticed a small movement in Baba's fingers. As word spread, the bhajan singing went into feverish pitch. Prayers became even  stronger asking Baba to come back into His body soon. As the chants grew louder, the movements became even more significant and by the time the 6th song was over Baba had opened His eyes to the great joy of all those present.

Thrilled at the spectacle that they saw, the people assembled started reaching out to Baba again, only to be asked by Baba to go back and settle down in their seats. Baba asked for the bhajans to be halted as soon as the next song ended. Silence pervaded throughout the hall as none spoke, all eyes rested on Baba.

A few seconds later Baba spoke "Those in divine bliss will not be restricted by ordinary laws of nature. What you saw here was a small example of what is possible for those in the highest state; a state in which I always was, is and will always be. Remember God is not to be found outside for He is within you. Understand that, experience and enjoy for happiness really lies not in comfort, but in contentment, in UNION WITH GOD."

This experience was long talked about, both in Prashanti and Vrindavan. It showed Baba's control over nature and more importantly leave and come back into it at His will, proving beyond doubt that He really is, as He says "MRITUNJAYA", one who has won over death, who lives forever.

Source: http://www.geocities.com/sai_ram108/mira22.htm