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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Sathya Sai Baba performs a surgical operation

Many times we think of God as our only savior and sometimes we take Him for granted. We feel that just by believing Him everything would be OK. But this is total surrender. If we believe Him totally we should be prepared for any result which is given by Him. If not we pray for Him, cry for Him and melt His butter heart. Here are two incidents happened two my seniors brothers(students) who studied in Parthi. Incidentally both of them are singers. These are not seen by me but I heard from a third party. Readers may pardon me for mistakes if you have heard it differently.

V.Kumar was an eminent singer in Parthi who Swami taught singing in Bombay when the former was six seven years old. ( Swami appeared only to this boy through his house window and taught him songs, a chosen singer). Well, VK's mother was not keeping good health for quite some time. She had ulcers in stomach and for one month she was on bed and unable to move for regular ablutions also. Kumar regularly go to Bhagawan and tell about her condition and Swami never reacted positively and never assured of her good health. But Kumar was very sure that Swami would take care of his mother's well being. One day the family doctor after having regular checkup and said that her time has come close and she may die any moment. It was evening bhajan time and Kumar was one of the lead singer. Without his bhajan I never it was not complete those days. On one hand it is his mother's health and the other side it was Bhajan. Unwillingly, Praying God for everything he went for bhajan. But his heart was longing for mother. His mother stayed in Mandir quarters only near by Bhajan Hall. Bhajan started, Kumar's turn came. Instead of singing the pre scheduled song he took of a new song ( It was a standard practice that before Bhajan all the singers have to choose the order and song.) I just write this song which is in Hindi


He started with lot of feeling which made bhagawan to get up from His seat and move towards the place where his mother was. Swami went inside the quarter and closed the door behind. After sometime Swami came back and took Arathi. While going back Swami briefly told Kumar " I have performed operation to your mother She is alright Do not cry" Saying this He walked away.

Yes He really performed operation to Kumar's mother in ten minutes without any strain or pain to His mother, without using any scissors and removed the ulcers which were there for everyone to see. She lived for another 10 years without any complaint of ulcers.

From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/33

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