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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Sai Baba creates Sumantra's ring

Baba was on one of His yearly trips to Kodaikanal. Every evening Baba relates stories of the yugas that have passed. Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Zorashtra and other Avatars would regularly feature among the evening talks. Baba was once talking about the Ramayana and the topic of discussion at one point of time shifted to Kaushalya, the physical mother of Ram.

The following was the story narrated by Baba:

Baba says that Ravana was a vedanti and an Astrologer par excellence, who fell only due the quality of desire not being under his control. Baba said that when Kaushalya was born, Ravana knew that she would be the mother of the child at whose hands he would meet his end. So to escape that eventuality, he kidnapped the child (Kaushalya as a child when she was only a few days old) and put her into a basket and set her afloat in the river.

Dasharatha was the king of Ayodhya. Sumantra was his Prime Minister. Sumantra was very soft spoken, honest and a good natured man. He was on his errands of the kingdom to see for himself the general administration. Tired after a long journey, he felt thirsty and moved towards the river nearby. As he readied himself to drink water form the river, He heard the cries of a baby coming from a distance. Initially He thought that it must be some child that might have come with its mother or so, but as the cries continued for more than a certain period of time, He decided to find out.

As he moved towards the sound, he came near some bushes and to his surprise found a basket ....with a child inside it. He came nearer and removed the child from the basket. As he was thinking as to who the child was and as to how it had found its way there, he came across a symbol (most kings have their own symbol which acts as the official seal) on the cloth covering the child and recognized it instantly to be the seal of Kingdom of Koshala. He immediately set out towards the kingdom and handed over the child back to the king. Sumantra was to be treated as a royal guest but refused for the following reasons:

  • Since the situation demanded him to reach the child to safety first, he had not been able to inform his king of his coming to the kingdom of Koshala.

  • He was the Prime minister of the Ayodhya kingdom and protocol suggested that he could be a state guest incase he had come to the kingdom of Koshala either accompanying delegation lead by the king himself or on the orders of the king himself. Neither was the case now.

  • Considering himself to be the servant of the kingdom of Ayodhya he expressed his wish to return immediately to be on duty.

The king agreed and accompanied him to the edge of the kingdom. Sumantra left for Ayodhya leaving a deep sense of goodwill towards the kingdom of Ayodhya in the mind of the people of Koshala.

Time passed and time came for the marriage of Dasharatha, who was then the prince of Ayodhya. The king of Koshala offered the hand of his daughter Kaushalya in marriage to Dasharatha and citizens of Ayodhya readily accepted this. The marriage was solemnised and as Kaushalya was leaving the kingdom, the king of Koshala spoke the following words to Sumantra:

?There was a time when you came into this kingdom to return my daughter as a child. Today too you have come but are returning to your country with the same daughter you found near the bushes. As a parting gift I would like to present you something.?. So saying the king bought out a diamond studded ring embedded on the sides by rubies. Sumantra was initially reluctant but accepted it on the command of Dasharatha himself.

The narration ended there and there was silence for a while with Baba transfixed as if he was seeing through time. All students, teachers and staff who had accompanied Baba on that trip sat awaiting instructions from Baba.

A few moments later, Baba spoke ?That ring...... Would you all like to see that??. Not waiting for a reply, Baba waved his hand in the air and in a moment, the diamond studded ring embedded with rubies given by the Koshala king to Sumantra in the Dwapara yuga, centuries ago, appeared in Baba?s hand. As Baba held it for all to see, the students watched it with awe at its architecture and splendour.

Many such objects like the ones below:

  • Sita?s ear-ring

  • Sita?s Chudamani

  • Sita?s necklace, which Hanuman bit trying to find out Rama?s name in it

  • A medallion showing the exact pose of Rama before His coronation

  • A medallion showing the exact face of Krishna

  • Symantaka jewel, the precious diamond given by the Sun God to Satyajit, the father of Satyabama, one of Krishna?s 8 patranis

  • The Hiranyagarbha Lingam

have been created by Baba over the last few years. All these only show His divine nature.

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