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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  The Silver Map of India

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba with the silver map of India

A close up of the materialized medallion

In 1976 Sathya Sai Baba made an intriguing announcement to His students after manifesting a small metal disc with a wave of His hand. Prior to materialising the object, He stated:

What I am going to do in future for this country India and for the rest of the world will now be shown to you on what I am going to materialise.”

(It was at this point that Swami materialized a medallion and showed it to the gathering. The medallion was round with a black onyx base. It had a silver map of India with 18 jewels embedded in it. The map had a 100 Sanskrit verses inscribed on it and Swami said that it had all information about the Avatar. He continued to speak after that.)

The following is a transcript of most of the speech (Baba was speaking in Telegu with an English translator):

What I have materialised contains the map of India and contains all the 18 different components of India. And on each component is shown where the memorial stupas, which will represent the work done by Me, or the work that is to be done in each of the 18 states of India, is being written and is available in pictorial form on this medallion which I have just now materialised. And on the medallion is inscribed in Sanskrit words the works and the future tasks which I am going to fulfill.

This body in which I have come is going to be present for another 46 years from now onwards. In those 46 years, whatever dharma sthapana, whatever work will be done by Me, in each one of the states and in the country itself, and what kind of dharma sthapana, what kind of colleges, what kind of education will be established, is all written now, for the next 46 years, the program is now written on the medallion that has been materialised.

Not only this. Which boy will be entrusted the task, in which of the 18 states, is also written on this medallion. If there is anyone who can read the Sanskrit script, he can read it very well, what is written on this.

In the case of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, he had to use only one or two persons – Vivekananda and Brahmananda, who were in the form of sanyasi’s. You don’t have to become sanyasi’s. In this particular task of mine, I am going to use you young people, in a large measure as you are, putting you on the right path, use you as instruments for doing all that is intended to be done and all what is described here on this particular materialised item.

And why do you hanker after these things? The person who has produced this is here and He belongs to you. Why do you want to look at what has been produced? I, who have produced this, I belong to you. I will look after you and I will tell you what to do and slowly, don’t be in a haste, whatever has been described here, whatever I intend to do in the next 46 years and who I am going to use and how I am going to use, how I will put on the right path will all be described by me to you, item by item in due course. Don’t be in a haste, only remember that you should take the determination and should appreciate the task which you are called upon to do, and you should determine to follow the task and take the right path. This is all that you have to do, the rest will be looked after by Me. I belong to you and I am with you. And why do you think of what I have produced? Moreover in future you will see me in many different forms which are manifestations of Myself.

Swami has, right from the beginning, the plan to spread divinity and divine power all over the world. For the sake of it, swami has established educational institutes and in the name of education, brought the students here. How these sound waves and these electrical waves and Jyotir power will find you in future. When Swami is just talking in the auditorium, Swami may be seen in mandir, and when Swami is in the auditorium, He may be seen in the classroom actually through His Jyotir power.

It is easy, safe but what is essential is that you should experience. You will all experience it, you will all enjoy it. You will also distribute and spread the word. You will expand your heart. This is the primary goal of our institute and aim of our institute…

And I also resolve that very soon, I’ll be launching a massive program, revitalising of ancient customs, of ancient treasures, of ancient traditions and all the scriptural truths amongst all peoples of all lands. You need have no doubt whatsoever that we shall be successful. Victory is bound to ours. Don’t give yourself to doubts of distrust. Don’t become doubting Thomas’s. We shall very soon be blowing the conch of victory around, this is a certainty, this is a certainty.

Embodiments of love, what the future holds is beyond your understanding but I can see what the future is going to be like. A time will come when the whole world will be at my feet. A time will come when the whole world will rejoice in having understood my true divinity, my true nature. It is a great effort that I am making, thereby I am confining Myself, I am not letting My glory spread all on its own, all of a sudden... But certainly a day will come when the people of the world would have recognised what Swami is, His Glory, His majesty, His grandeur. And they will all come flocking in their lakhs and millions.

You have an opportunity of sitting so close to Me, understand this truth now, make the most of the opportunities which are coming your way, plunge into constructive activities, listen to Swami’s words, live in His love, experience His bliss which is very much your own. Don’t throw away this golden opportunity.

The world will very soon become a big Prashanti Nilayam by itself…this diamond which is a priceless entity is subject to any number of hardships which is cutting here, cutting there. The more you cut, the more brilliant it becomes. So also a creeper is cut so that it becomes more beautiful….

…those people, those organisations which are not able to take kindly to this glory which is spreading in the form of Sai, in the form of His organisation, are taking to Me, to devalue, to degrade, to mislead people at large. But be rest assured that any of these attempts will prove to be nothing and more they do the more will be the glory, the more will be the grandeur and quicker will be the pace at which these noble things will be spreading far and wide.”

We all caught our breaths, as Swami created a most powerful object. It had a round black onyx base and on it was a silver map of India. Surrounding the map were 18 jewels that glistened in the dark, from some mysterious inner light. He said that on the map were inscribed 100 Sanskrit verses giving the history of the Avatar from birth to the time when it leaves the body. He said, "All great works of the Avatar and all leaders chosen from my students are recorded here". He took it around for all to see and touch. Spiritually it was very powerful and esthetically very beautiful. The writing was too small to decipher. When asked, He answered, "I will not reveal the future. Everything will be revealed in due time. Why do you hanker after this object when you have its creator? You have Me and I have you. You are all sacred souls and have roles in the mission. No force can delay this mission even by one instant. I will appear in many manifestations of my form. Wherever you are, there I will be". He was not just speaking to the students, but to all of us... fortunate souls whom He has gathered in. It continues to be a great wonder to me, that not only is Swami still quite easily accessible, but there are so very few who have committed to become His devotees and live His teachings. Swami said His devotees are one in a hundred thousand. He said that one among ten, you can find one truly good person; one among ten such has some deep feelings for god; one among such ten will yearn for a direct experience; and one out of such ten will be ready to let go totally, to renounce, and surrender completely to God. "That is My devotee, and He is very dear to me", Swami said.

- Al Drucker

From the book: Al Drucker, Love in Action, Proceedings of the Meeting of Sai Organisations of Europe, Hamburg, 12-15 May, 1989

Late Sri Ra.Ganapati was a very close devotee of Bhagawan and a deep scholar of scriptural texts in various languages. He has authored a biography series named “Baba: Satya Sai” which is considered a magnificent tribute to the life of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Following is an incident mentioned in one of the volumes:

His (Swami’s) college students had the privilege to see another unique creation in the Ootacamund Summer Course in June 1976. Swami, who declared that He would live to see ninety six years in this body, mentioned that eighteen important institutions would be established by Him all over India in the remaining forty six years, and circled His hand. Immediately there appeared in His hand a big medal with the map of India engraved. There were inscribed therein the eighteen institutions that are to appear in the next near-half-century. Not only that, the medal also carried the important 'achievements-to-be' of Swami in the future, in microscopic Devanagiri characters in the Sanskrit language." (Baba: Satya Sai Part 2, Ra.Ganapati, Page 85)

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