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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles


I was going to complain to Him what happened, why I lost all my business, but He put up His hand, "Be patient, Haste makes Waste". He went on about science. He told the three of us, "You scientists were so ignorant. You don't know anything". He started to wave his hands and produce rings and many things. He showed us His hand while Vibhuthi was being produced. We could see it oozing out from the skin of His fingers. It was coming from the tip of His fingers, just oozing out. He  showed us many things about materialisation. Because we were scientists, He was trying to explain us how it happened.

Finally He called me into the Inner Room. But as soon as I got in there, He again put up His hand, "I know, I know. You have lost all your business. Don't worry. I just want to test you". He patted my back and said, "Be happy, be hapoy, be happy". I thought I would complain, but I could not say anything. At least I got a great comfort. So I went out of the room, a lot happier than before. - Art-Ong Jumsai

From the book: Love in action

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