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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Picture of the 'Previous'

Venkamma, the 'sister' was pestering Baba for a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba, about whom so many songs were composed for the Bhajan by Baba, and it seems, He told her that He would be giving it by a certain Thursday. But, Baba went off to Uravakonda on the day previous to the Thursday indicated, and she too had forgotten all about it, for, she as sure she would get it some day and was not very particular. When night fell and all were asleep at Puttaparthi ; some one called out , " Ammayi," " Ammayi" outside the front door, but, the sister did not go and open the door, since the call did not persist. She argued it must be some one calling the neighbour. When she laid herself down after the sitting up, she heard a sound, behind one of the bags of jowar in the same room ; she imagined it to be a rat or a snake ; it was distinct and loud ; so, she lit a lamp and searched and, lo, something was sticking out behind the bag, white, sharp, a piece of rolled paper, a picture of Shirdi Sai Baba, mysteriously presented to her by Baba, who was at Uravakonda at the time!

Source: http://www.srisathyasai.org.in/pages/bhagawan/miracles/mirac16.htm

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