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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Baba reveals His omnipresence

Baba was talking to some of the institute students (studying in SRI SATYA SAI INSTITUTE OF HIGHER LEARNING). They had just returned from holidays.

Baba suddenly turned one of the students and asked --

“kyon re, picture dekne gaya tha -- theatre mein (did you not go for a movie in a theater).”

The student said --

“Nahi Baba, mein to ghar par he tha. (No Baba, I was at home).”

Baba then swirled his hand in the air and created a picture of the student sitting in the same theater to which he had gone . The picture also showed the position he was sitting in most of the time when he was watching the film with his hometown friends.

Baba asked the student --

“Ab kya bolta hai? (What do you say now?

The student fell at Baba’s feet saying --

“Baba, maf karo.Galti hogayi. (Baba, forgive me. It’s my mistake.)”

Baba said --

“Tum kya karte ho, Kaha jate ho,Sai sab jaanta hai. (What you do, where you go, Sai knows everything.)”

Like this Baba has revealed so many times his omnipresence. He is as he always says-- “One in all. All in one.”

Source: http://www.geocities.com/sai_ram108/mira5.htm

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