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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Baba fulfills His promise to our brothers of Muddanhalli and Alike

The schools of Alike and Muddanhalli are a part of Baba’s educational programme to bring morality into every part of the society. A very close devotee of Baba, Mr.Bhattatari, initially ran the schools by name. He had been running these schools for more than 10 years before his death. After death, there was great doubt about the continuance of the institutions. Baba at that time had asked the central trust to take over these institutions and run them. The children of Alike and Muddanhalli have always, like we students of Prashanthi, Vrindavan and Anantapur, experienced and felt Baba’s love in immense proportions.

The students of Alike and Muddanhalli had arranged for program in honour of Bhagwan Baba on their annual day. Baba had conveyed his consent to attend around 3 days before the program but just 6 hours before the program on that morning Baba sent a message that he would not be able to attend. In all of Baba’s institutions all activities centre around Him. When the students were informed that Baba would not attend, they were disappointed.

Repeated prayers to Baba through fax messages and telephone calls did not yield the required results. The students started sobbing and started singing Bhajans. For 2 hours they continued with such vigour that Vibhuti started pouring out of the Baba’s photograph in succession for next five minutes. The students were overjoyed and ecstatic and they took this as an indication from Baba that He was with them, even though not physically. The school authorities decided to commence the program as scheduled with the blessings of Baba already obtained.

The program went on very well and was well received by the people who had watched it. The last item, the ‘bhangra’ dance had already begun when suddenly two flashlights appeared from the left. Two more flashlights appeared from the right and both set of flashes disappeared. People present there considered it yet another indication of Baba being present. Little did they know that the last phase of the program was not just the stage for the bhangra dance, it was also a stage for a great miracle that went on to be discussed for a long time among we students of Vrindavan and Parthi.

The program ended and the message of its successful completion was sent to Baba. Baba sent the acknowledgement with blessings and asked for the photographs to be sent to Him. The photographs were given for development and were expected in 2 days time. The photographs came and what the college authorities saw knocked their senses off !!!!!!

The presence of Baba with His children in anything they get involved with was proved beyond doubt. Two of the photographs showed the two sets of flash lights that came from the left and from the right and the third photograph..... the third photograph showed Baba standing over each and every student involved in the program !    !    !    !    !...

Baba said later --- “I had come personally. The students performed the program for me. They are my responsibility. How could I ever disappoint them?”

The photographs were distributed in plenty among all the Sai students. This miracle is yet another proof of Baba’s love towards us, we who are fortunate to be called His students. We know He is with us forever, wherever we are. We only pray to Baba that we be worthy instruments of yours in the great social and spiritual revival that is waiting to happen in the coming Sai era.

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