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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Sai Baba miracles in Malaysia

From: Biju Mukund <bmukund@y...>
Reply-To: saistudent-owner@egroups.com
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Subject: [saistudent] Our Singapore Brother Shares his Message
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 01:48:41 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Brothers

Sai Ram.
I was a Sai Student at Parthi during 1988-1990 and at Whitefield during 1990-1993 now working in Singapore. Myself & my family are all benefitted from the mails originating from Sai Student groups. Being in Singapore we have access to parthi news daily. This is simply great. I just want to know that if there is anything I can contribute towards our Swami's 75th B'day. There are a few Sai Students here. Please let me know.

There are more than 17 centres here at Singapore and Bhajans take place with full enthusiasm. Our family regulalry visits the Sathya Sai Bhajans held in one of the centres here.

Before ending a short miracle of our Swami. We had been to Penang in Malaysia recently and we planned to visit the Sai Centre located in a devotee's house. There are lots of vibhuthi, nectar, KumKum & Oil flowing out of Swami's pictures & all others Idols kept.

Swami blesses all devotees who visits the house by either sugar candies, pendants & statues. While we were praying at the pooja room pearls started falling on all of us continously from nowhere. We were wonder stuck now we have preserved those pearls. It seems during Bhajans Swami has been seen by many of the devotees to be physically present at the centre. Please don't forget to step in to the centre when you are at Penang.

Here is the Address of the Sai Centre at Penang.

Sathya Sai Centre
C/O Mrs S. Thangaraj
No 216
Solok Bemancar

Sai Srinivas
Old student
Parthi & Whitefield

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/163

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