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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Miracle in Australia

A business card becomes His miracle

A devotee from Australia narrates an episode in which Swami used him as His instrument. It is about a devotee lady, who was looking after her mother's real estate interests.

“Once evening she was sitting on a large table sorting out papers and business documents. The table was totally covered with all the papers and documents. Unable to make sense out of all the paperwork, the frustrated lady grabbed a heap of papers, threw it up into the air and (as she later told me) while tears came to her eyes, she yelled out to Swami, 'Here, Sai Baba, you sort out this lot, I have had it’. As the papers fell back to the table and floor, she stood up to make herself a drink. Having calmed down, she returned to the table while gathering up what had landed on the floor and sat down. There in front of her on top of all the papers was a business card - my business card as a Real Estate Agent.

Here I must state that I had business dealings with the lady and her mother some four or five years earlier, at which time I surely have given them my business card.

The lady stared at the card, picked up the telephone, and dialled my after-hours number. As I picked up the telephone it took me a moment or two to remember who she was, eventually she explained to me between sobs her dilemma. By now, it was well after 9 o’clock in the evening, and it is not my habit to go out on business that late at night. However I do not know at the moment what made me, but I promised to come over straight away to see if I could help her. As I put the telephone down, I regretted already having promised her to come over. Having arrived at her place, it took about an hour to hear and sort out the apparent problems. She went on to tell me how she came to telephone me. When she mentioned the name 'Sai Baba’, I was stunned, because I did not know she was a devotee, nor did she know I was a devotee of Sai Baba. As to the business card appearing on top of all the papers, according to the lady, she has no reasonable explanation because the file, from which the papers came, never had anything to do with our previous dealings.

Conclusion: Swami hears our pleas.”

From: Spiritual Impressions, Nov - Dec 2001, pag. 25

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