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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Madurai Service Activities & Miracles

Sai Ram Dear Brothers and Sisters in Sai,
I received this email from a friend last week, and I after talking to
another friend who received the same email, we decided to share her lovely
experiences with you all. So below are her experiences so far.

Dear Friends,
Sai Ram and love and blessings to all. Since my stay here in India I have
had some extraordinary experiences. My stay in Madurai as a guest of the
family of Dr Kuppusami (DrTNK)has been nothing short of brilliant. In
fact, nothing in life has compared to the last 5days. Dr TNK and the others of
the Madurai Voluntary Service Organisation are involved in enormous service
work in the community, around 1 million people here in Madurai. They organise
free medical camps each week, attending remote villages,eye specialists,
general practitioners, surgeons, attend to people, ladies camps and in the
homes of the poor, they also visit different centres such as the Blind
Institute, Pyschiatric Rehabilitation centre called Shristri and see a
host of other smaller clinics, distributing vibbutti, giving food, pencils to
the schoolchildren and other educational activities.I visited all these places
whilst in Madurai.A number of the Medical people have come back toIndia
to care for those in their community. They could be making big bucks in
America or England but have come back. The rest of this group are poor
people. If they don't work they don't eat.

I visited a number of homes but the one that stands out the most is the
place where in 1995 Swami started producing miracles and this continues on
an almost daily basis as well SWAMI ATTENDS TO THEIR PROGRAM almost daily,
directing them by telephone!!. They are a poor but very devout family. The
mother and father are two of the most selfless people I have ever met.
Everything is for God.

The miracles here (of which I experienced many) are to be seen to be
believed. I saw 25 gold Ganesh statutes materialise in the Puja room,
copious (cupfulls) of vibbutti, I experienced in the presence of Vasantha
sai 25 diamonds materialised in sandalwood paste. What a generous God we
have! I had a gift of sandalwood paste materialise with the symbol of
Laaksmis outstretched hands (Goddess of wealth). But what blew me away the
most was not only the extraordinary hospitality of these devoted and
beautiful people but on each day Swami rang the household.!!!!and spoke to
people including telephoning me. It was the most wonderful experience and
would take another chapter to write about. Each day he arranged personally
our schedule, attending to my needs. For example Swami asked for me to
stay in a hotel the first day in Madurai as He wanted me to relax and rest.
sweet God how kind you are !! He spoke to me about the diamonds and told me to
take the large white one and have a ring made for myself, He told me all
the rest of the diamonds (24 of different colours and sizes) as well as the
Gold Ganesh statutes are destined for Australia."THERE IS A MEANING FOR THIS"
My task is to tell everyone of the miracles and the fabulous work the
Madurai Voluntary service Organisation is doing "AND TO RALLY SUPPORT FOR
SWAMI'S MOUTH. He gave me blessings for my time at Prasanthi Nilayam and
gave me other details only I knew.

It has been indicated that the diamonds and the statues are in connection
with the Spiritual progress of Australia.

In the presence of the Divine Vasantha Sai, Swami dematerialised my Mala
beads, (the blue crystal ones I had made for myself) and materialised them
48kms away in the household of Omkumar in a great mountain of vibbutti.
Of course miracles are happening almost daily here in this house and they
delight in it. But the real theme behind this divine Drama is the service
work these people are doing. They simply leave us for dust. They have
nothing and give everything and God supplies their needs.

I have photos of so many miracles to show you and Swami has personally
arranged for me to celebrate the Bithday in Madurai then I am going to the
apex of India ( can not spell the name but many linghams (108) where
given to these people from Vishnu The All Pervasive of the ocean) to where the
three oceans meet with the group from MADURAI. he has also arranged for me
to spend time again with beloved Vasantha Sai , who incidently He
telephoned whilst I was there and spoke to Dr TNK about the ganesh.
I have purchased 94 of Vasantha Sai's books 25 of each edition and these
have been seamailed back to AUSTRALIA.

Dear friends you have a few days to catch your breath!! PLEASE EMAIL THIS
NOTE TO EVERYONE you believe would be interested in reading about OUR
BEAUTIFUL GOD and all these activities, of which I have only mentioned a

If any of you coming to India wish to contact the Madurai Voluntary
Service Organisation and enjoy a few days with truly splendid devotees then do
not hesitate to contact the following people;
Omkumar and his wife, phone (0xxx) 7xxxxx
Dr Tim Kuppusami (0xxx) 6xxxxx). He is coming to AUSTRALIA again at the
end of September and is willing to speak about all that went on, and can
confirm these things I'm telling you!!!

Dr TNK'S email address is "drtkuppusami@h..."
I will forward the email address of the Voluntary Organistion in my next
email. A book is been produced of the events and services of this
household and other households as well MOST importantly the SERVICE activities. They
are a model for many.

I can only say that these are humble people and it has been an honour to
be in their presence.

Blessings to everyone.
Om Sai Ram
M. McW.

This article has been published in a Yahoo Group. Date: Aug 29, 2001
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sainsw/message/848


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