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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Bhajan singer Shri V. Kumar's mother is resurructed from death

V.Kumar was a renowned bhajan singer at the Prashanthi mandir. He had done his studies at Pashanthi Nilayam itself. He later left for U.S.A on an assignment.

V.Kumarís mother was suffering from chronic illness. One day just before bhajans, a man came running from V.Kumarís household and informed him of his motherís demise. V.kumar said-- ďSir, I am scheduled to sing a bhajan today in a few moments. Please keep the body and I shall come as soon as the Bhajans are over.Ē The bhajans started and Baba sat on his chair. As soon as V.Kumar started his bhajan - ďSai teri seva mein yeh jeevan meraĒ , Baba got up and left. Already burdened by his motherís demise , Ravi could not understand Babaís gesture and broke down . He however continued singing in the broken voice.

Meanwhile Baba went to V. Kumarís house. Their V.Kumarís motherís hands and feet were tied and placed in the center of the household. Baba asked the hands and legs of the dead body to be freed. He asked for tulsi leaves, which were delivered to Him. Baba held them in His hand and put them into the mouth of V. Kumarís mother and thundered-- ďGet up.Ē. As soon as Baba said so, the body stirred and V. Kumarís mother opened her eyes and got up.

The whole household started weeping in joy. V. Kumarís father caught hold of Babaís feet and cried out like a child. V. Kumarís mother has died 5 times and each time Baba came and resurrected her --in many different ways--Baba once even appeared from a photograph, gave life and went back into the photograph.

V. Kumarís mother is still alive , waiting for the final merger in Bhagwan BABA.

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