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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Creation, protection and dissolution in His hand

Once Swami was conversing with devotees in His interview room. He showed then, His palm and asked  what was there in it. Somebody answered that there was nothing there. But Baba said in all serenity, "This empty hands holds everything". When He closed it and opened it a moment later, there was a  locust there. Wonder of wonders, there was also a tiny leaf to serve as the insect's feed. The locust was actually feeding on it.

In a little while Swami closed His fist and opened it to reveal that nothing was there. The devotees present in the could not believe their eyes. Through this incident Swami revealed to everyone of us, ignorant as we are, that Creation, Maintenance and dissolution lie in His control.

Bhagawan explains His divinity in a few pregnant words. He declared "Bha" denotes Creation, "Ga" denotes Protection and "Va" denotes ultimate dissolution. He who embodies these three supreme powers is Bhagawan.

Ref: J.V. Sastry, Thapovanam, Sri Sathya Sai Sathcharitha, Pg. 173 - 174

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