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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Sai Baba materializes the pendent given to Chandra Gupta Maurya by Parsian king

Swami creates a lot of objects regularly to devotees in the interview room and publicly also. The regular public creation is Vibhudhi. In public Swami rarely creates articles publicly. I have seen Swami creating articles to different artists in the stage. Generally Swami in interviews narrates a story and then creates relevant article. In our interviews when I was a student oneday Swami talked about the determination of Chandra Gupta Maurya and created a pendent which was given to Chandra Gupta by Parsian King. The pendant was red in color and had some words written in Parsian language. Swamisaid those are Parsian words and they talk about the glory of Chandra Gupta. Swami showed that to everyone and waived it. That vanished into thin air. Swami said that was disintegrated in to five elements long ago and he brought that only to show that to us. Once he created a replica of moon, which was made up with the same material as the moon has. Saying this he opened the closed fist. There was a small bright stone. He circulated that heavy stone to every one and then disappeared that stone into thin air. One important feature of this episode was when swami opened his fist to show that to all the devotees present there the moon light on that bright moon lit day diminished. Soon he closed the fist with the Chandra shila in hand the moon started shinning again.

One day Swami created a big ring of the size of a small bracelet and showed all this to the then present devotees saying that it was the ring of Kosala. The Kosala king had presented that to King Dasaratha at the time the latter’s marriage. This also disappeared after Swami passed this after all the devotees saw that. These are some of the creations of very rare and precious items swami created in private. There are also a lot of materializations of precious items in public. I am narrating a story of one such creationsand its proven power.

In one of the summer courses Swami, while talking about the importance of life and its power in human body. He said the power is such that it can cure any type of disease in the universe, as that is the source of life. Saying so Swami created a lingam and said it as Hiranya Garbha lingam1. Swami said it has all the life saving power and can heal any illness. He then tucked that into the pocket of Prof. Sampath the then vice Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.

At the end of the discourse Swami asked the Professor for the Hiranya Garbha lingam. Professor Sampath looked for that in his pocket and unable to find that. Seeing his predicament Swami laughed at him and said I only sent that back to the destination. During that time many devotees have taken photo graphs of that. Those are extensively sold at all the places.

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1. See: The Golden Lingam photo of Sai Baba

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