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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Two devotees of different caste

Here is a miracle which Swami performed when He was 28 years old. This incident happened in Warangal in 1954. There were two devotees different casts who want to get married against the wishes of the elders in the family. The parents of the bride and groom were so furious that they want to lose their children but not prepared to get the marriage. The two devotees sent a telegram to Baba asking Him for the help. They have decided to get married and sent the date to Bhagawan asking Him to come and get their marriage performed smoothly.

After receiving the telegram Baba went to bangalore from there He flew to Hyderabad and from there He went to Warangal by car. Swami stayed in minster Ramachandra Reddy's house and asked him to send some police protection for the marriage. R. Harinarayana came with 30 strong police force and waited for Swami's order. Swami told all the policemen to take positions in the marriage hall and said they do not have to do anything, their physical presence would do all the good.

One hour before the marriage 100 men from bride's party came with sticks to disrupt the marriage, seeing this the groom's party also brought some 100 people to protect the marrige. This was the scene when Baba entered the marriage hall. Swami straight went to the pendal and stood right in front of the groom. He called Mr. Haranarayana and asked him to stand behind the bride. He waived His hand in thin air to produce the 'Mangalasuthra'. Swami gave this to the groom and asked him to tie it around the bride's neck. He also asked the CI to supervise the knots. The seen was something like that of Kurukshetra where Lord Krishna stands in between the two warring factions. All the gangsters were spell bound and were lokking at Bhagawan without a single word. The police were tensed and wondering what would happen.

After that Swami reached out to one of the gangsters, who was holding the stick, waived His hand in the air to create a sweet. Seein this the ganster dropped his stick and streached his hand for receiving the sweet. Then Swami moved to the next person, same thing repeated. Within minutes all the gangsters surrounded Swami, and started asking for sweets. Then Swami was like Mohini amidst the Dhanavas. Swami said all of you come and have food, I will serve you there. Thus the marriage went on smoothly with the blessings of Bhagawan to the utter amazement of the police. Then Swami announced to all the people who gathered around that " All the human beings are one. They are created at the will of God. There is no cast, creed or religion which seperates the humanity. We should love each other and thus devolpe hormony among ourselves". Mr. Haranarayana was really impressed with this and became a devotee of Baba. I will narrate his experience in the next episode.

Thus Swami fulfilled the wishes of the needy people and got them married.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/94

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